Nina Stephens-Snowden

Nina Stephens-Snowden

Graduation Date: 2021
Medical College of Wisconsin

SGU: Why did you choose to become OB/GYN?
Dr. Stephens-Snowden: I have a great interest in women’s health and, also, I like that you get a little bit of everything with the OB/GYN specialty (i.e. primary care, emergency medicine, and surgery etc.).

SGU: How did you become passionate about helping underserved communities?
Dr. Stephens-Snowden: I come from that community, so it was quite easy to have a passion to help the underserved.

SGU: How did you feel when you were accepted to SGU?
Dr. Stephens-Snowden: I was and still am very happy that I chose to go to SGU in 2017.  I would not be who I am today at this moment if that wouldn’t have happened

SGU: Tell us your Match Day story.
Dr. Stephens-Snowden:
I used Match A Resident initially to narrow down all the programs that took my Step 1 score.  I then used other resources like FREIDA and Residency Explorer to solidify my list.  I applied to three different specialties (IM, FM, and OB) and over 400 programs.  I received 30 interviews and ranked 20 programs.

Prior to the Match season, I attended multiple virtual conferences where I was able to meet program directors, coordinators, and residents. I then made sure I got contact information and followed up after conference. I think that really helped as far as allowing the programs to know who you are and showing your interest.

Match Day was absolutely nerve racking because I was scared to go unmatched. Once I got the email, it was definitely a sigh of relief. Of course, I had to wait until that Friday to know what I was going to be doing for the rest of my life and where I would train (still very anxiety provoking). Needless to say, I was very pleased where I matched and am so humbled to be training as an OB/GYN. God is good!

SGU: What are your professional goals?
Dr. Stephens-Snowden:
I would like to do a fellowship in maternal fetal medicine, but honestly would also be happy as a generalist. I would like to work with SGU and CARICOM to give back to the Caribbean community as well.

SGU: How will you look back at your time at SGU?
Dr. Stephens-Snowden: BEST DECISION EVER.

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