Orlando Romain, BSc

Orlando Romain, BSc

Graduation Date: 2009

Orlando Romain is the e-marketing manager at Grenada Tourism Authority where he manages the tourist destination’s online marketing initiatives, earning the Caribbean Web Award for Best Tourist Board Website from TravelMole in 2012.

“Every day is a new challenge at work, and I love that,” Mr. Romain said. “What I enjoy most is drawing on the critical and analytical skills I learned at SGU and applying my creativity to meet those challenges. I love being able to do what I love.”

Mr. Romain’s journey to St. George’s University began when he attended Career Day at SGU in 2006 where he made the life-changing decision to pursue a degree in management information systems.

“St. George’s University provided a unique experience which offered me the best of both worlds,” Mr. Romain said. “I had the opportunity to work toward an undergraduate degree while incorporating a business I love and providing the opportunity to interact and network with persons from around the world without having to leave Grenada.  The lecturers were impressive; they cared about my success, and provided the mentorship and support I needed to succeed.”

In particular, he recalls participating in SGU’s public speaking course, facilitated by Mr. Anu Goyal, as one of his fondest memories—although it didn’t start out that way.

“I’m a bit reserved so the course on public speaking definitely took me out of my element.  However, I am so glad I took the course because it provided me with the skills I needed to become a confident leader that can now grace any stage,” he said. “I could not have overcome this fear anywhere else and it was great to be able to do so right here at home.”

Upon graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in management information systems, Mr. Romain secured a position with the Grenada Tourism Authority as an e-marketing officer and has moved his way up the ladder. He credits his  experience at St. George’s University for helping make him the successful manager he is today.  “If you have an adventurous spirit and inquiring mind, SGU is the place for you.”

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