3 Pieces of Advice from Dean of Students Dr. Lucy Clunes


For students pursuing challenging degrees, having a sense of community and creating a home away from home is fundamental to wellness and success. Fortunately, there are many ways for students to acclimate and find support on campus at St George’s University.

Dean of Students Dr. Lucy Clunes describes campus support as being like family for the duration of students’ time at SGU. She describes it as a community, emphasizing the various organizations and societies students can join.

“We want to give students the best possible learning opportunities available so they can reach their full potential,” said Dr. Clunes.

SGU News sat down with Dr. Clunes to learn more about how students can make the most of their education. Here are three pieces of advice she shared.


lucy clunes

1. Seek mentorship opportunities

Dr. Clunes highlights the importance of seeking mentorship from different individuals, as areas of expertise vary between departments.

“Students are encouraged to seek guidance from all faculty members,” said Dr. Clunes. “Faculty are always available to help guide students, and anyone can be approached for mentorship opportunities.”


2. Take advantage of the dedicated support services on campus

Resources for students at SGU include academic and non-academic support, such as assisting with accommodations and accessibility requirements, helping international students with transit visas, providing health and psychological services, and familial support. Students can get involved on campus through a variety of organizations and societies, such as the student government association, recreational activities, cultural, spiritual and academic organizations, intermural sports, and events on and off campus.


3. Prioritize your physical and mental health

Dr. Clunes emphasizes the importance of managing both mental and physical health, especially given the stress and pressure of being a student.

“Balance is critical since efficiency productivity as a student requires you to be physically and mentally healthy,” said Dr. Clunes.

To encourage students to take care of their health at SGU, the wellness center on campus is an excellent resource offering fitness classes including yoga, cardio, and high intensity interval training. Rounding out SGU’s focus on health, are treatments from weekly massages to aromatherapy, as well as wellness days offered throughout the semester.

With a full-service wellness center, mentorship opportunities, and more than 80 student organizations and societies to choose from, incoming students can rest assured they will receive as much guidance and support as they need while acclimating to a new environment. The available resources support all SGU students as they create a sense of community and work toward their future careers.

—Sarah Stoss and Madeleine Otto

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