7 Questions with SGA-Clinical President Ramona Mittal

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Did you know that the St. George’s University Student Government Association has representatives dedicated specifically to School of Medicine clinical students?

Clinical students can safely express their concerns and questions with representatives of the SGA-C, who work closely with University officials and representatives at various clinical sites to ensure students’ voices are heard and acknowledged.

Ramona Mittal, SGA-C president and fourth-year SOM student, sat down with SGU News to share how the organization can be a resource for students navigating their clinical years.

St. George’s University: What are the unique challenges that clinical students face?

Ramona Mittal - SGA-C president

Fourth-year SOM student, Ramona Mittal, is president of SGA-C.

Ramona Mittal: Clinical students are situated around the world, from sites in California to New York and New Jersey, and even in the United Kingdom! With that, each hospital ranges with requirements and expectations of their students, so what may be standard at one site may not necessarily be standard at another one.

SGU: How is the SGA-C unique from campus SGA? And how does the SGA-C work with the School of Medicine’s deans and administration? 

RM: SGA-C advocates specifically for clinical students. The SGA executive board of the School of Medicine meets with SGA-C representatives once a month, and upon request, to hear any concerns from clinical students.

The SGA president and vice president then address those concerns with School of Medicine deans in meetings as needed.

Get in touch with SGA-C! 

Email: sga-clinical@sgu.edu


Join the SGA-C Facebook group 

SGU: Can you give an  example of something that was implemented for clinical students as a result of the SGA-C’s advocacy?

RM: Most recently, a number of students voiced concerns regarding off days for Match week. We were able to speak with administration and determine an adequate solution to give Match Friday off to the students.

SGU: Are there any events happening where students can meet SGA-C representatives?

RM: This year, we hosted the SGA-C Match Day party at High Bar Rooftop in New York City! Approximately 250 to 300 people attended, and we were able to have food, refreshments, a DJ, and a photobooth. It was a wonderful celebration for everyone’s accomplishments.

In addition, we are working to have regional representatives reach out to their hospitals and host webinars via Zoom.

SGU: Congratulations on your recent Match, where will you be heading for residency training?

RM: I matched in internal medicine at my top choice hospital!

SGU: Is there anything else you would like to add? 

RM: Being on SGA-C has been the opportunity of a lifetime. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.




– Laurie Chartorynsky


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