Canadian Grad Secures Highly Competitive EM Fellowship

The journey for Ryan Toews, MD ’19, has taken him from an international medical school experience, to his top-choice residency back in Canada, and now, to a much sought-after emergency medicine fellowship beginning this summer.

Dr. Toews was ecstatic to learn that he had secured one of only a few such fellowship positions through Canada’s Family Medicine Enhanced Skills Match, and that he’ll remain in the U of S system, just a short drive east from where he trained in Swift Current for residency. He received his nursing degree from the University of Calgary before joining the St. George’s University of Grenada School of Medicine/Northumbria University Four-Year Program, for which he spent the first year of basic sciences in Newcastle, United Kingdom.

SGU News connected with Dr. Toews to learn what captured his interest in the fellowship position, and his hopes for the future.

St. George’s University: What prompted you to apply for this fellowship position in particular?

Ryan Toews: I was drawn to the opportunity to further develop my acute care skills in order to provide a high quality of care to patients in a wide variety of settings.   

SGU: What does this fellowship position mean for your future?

Dr. Toews: It will mean that emergency medicine will be a large focus of my career, as well as the provision of acute care medicine. I hope this leads to an improved and versatile skillset that will allow me to practice in rural, regional, and urban settings. 

SGU: How would you describe your residency experience at the University of Saskatchewan?

Dr. Toews: Building on skills learned from clerkship, residency has been a very positive experience with a faculty dedicated to teaching and cultivating clinical knowledge. I have been able to apply my clinical skills to a variety of different patient populations in a variety of different settings.  

SGU: How did SGU prepare you for residency and the next step in your career?

Dr. Toews: SGU created a solid foundation as well as engrained a strong work ethic that has allowed me to be successful in both residency and fellowship. 


– Tornia Charles