“Experience SGU” virtual events offer aspiring doctors a glimpse into St. George’s University

Are you considering starting your medical journey at St. George’s University? Find out more about life as a student at SGU’s School of Medicine by engaging in one of our interactive virtual events.

Under the umbrella theme “Experience SGU,” the University has created multiple ways for prospective students to understand more about the first-rate education offered at SGU, the pathways to a US residency and to practicing medicine, as well as experiencing campus life all through virtual platforms.

“Our virtual events have been extremely popular as we continue to interact with future medical students in new and innovative ways,” said Joshua Fein, director of student recruitment for St. George’s University. “Aspiring doctors from all over the US and internationally are able to tune in to these online sessions and get answers to all of their questions directly from SGU students and our graduates.”



Trying to decide which virtual event is right for you? Here’s what to expect at each event:

Online Information Sessions

  • Log on and let us introduce you to SGU during this interactive virtual session covering academics, admissions, and scholarships.
  • SGU will share (and answer!) the 10 most important questions you should ask of any medical school including: the value of an SGU education, life at a Caribbean medical school, how SGU’s clinical rotations will help you obtain a US residency, and financial aid opportunities, among other topics.
  • Led by an admissions representative.
  • Includes a live Q&A with students and alumni.
  • Length: approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes

 “Doctors On Call” Panels Through Zoom

  • Hear from SGU alumni who are at different stages of their career as physicians, from residents to leaders in their respective field.
  • Specialties highlighted include surgery, anesthesiology, pediatrics, primary care, and more.
  • Live conversation with MD alumni facilitated by an admissions representative.
  • Viewers are invited to follow up with speakers by booking a 30-minute one-on-one to ask questions.
  • Length: approximately 1 hour

Virtual Campus Tours

  • Seeing is believing and through our virtual tour, you will enjoy 360° panoramic views of SGU’s iconic “True Blue” campus in Grenada.
  • Get up close to places like Founders Library, Modica Hall, dorms, and lecture spaces.
  • For an even more immersive experience, request a pair of VR goggles to be mailed to you.


First-term medical student Sara Conway attended the recent “Doctors on Call” webinar for pathologists. The panel, which consisted of one current resident and two practicing physicians who obtained an SGU medical degree, spoke about their experiences at SGU, how they chose pathology, and a typical day in their professional lives. She took advantage of the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one with a panelist who was working in a hospital close to her hometown of Islip, NY.

“During this time, we were able to talk more about life in Grenada, how to utilize the vast network of St. George’s University SOM graduates (during both clinical rotations and while choosing a residency), and how to be successful and stand out while in medical school,” Ms. Conway said. “By allowing me access to alumni who had walked the path I aim to be on, it gave me a glimpse into the network St. George’s has established. I consider my experience during the ‘Doctors on Call’ webinar a unique opportunity that was extremely helpful in solidifying my decision to pursue a medical degree with St. George’s University.”

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