SGU President Addresses Physician Shortage on Good Day Chicago

St. George’s University President Dr. G. Richard Olds joined “Good Day Chicago” on Fox 32 News to discuss the nation’s growing doctor shortage.

New projections estimate that the United States will be short up to 124,000 physicians by 2034. U.S. medical schools aren’t training enough doctors to close this gap.

“We have to start doing something about it because it’s impacting the care of patients,” Dr. Olds urged during the July 1 interview.

He went on to examine possible solutions for the shortage, such as building more medical schools and funding more residency positions. Dr. Olds believes it’s also imperative that we look to international medical schools like SGU to train the nation’s physician workforce.

“As a result of international schools filling in that gap, St. George’s University is actually the largest supplier of doctors in the United States,” he said.