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Thanks so much for your application to St. George’s University. Applying to professional school can sometimes be overwhelming. We have lots of people here to help you—students, graduates, and counselors. Please feel free to contact us to get connected.

Part Two of St. George’s University Application

Complete Part Two and submit to the Office of Admission at

NOTE: Please be advised you need to save and open this application in Adobe Reader. You can download this free software here:  Please note that if you do not save this prior to entering your information your application may be delayed.


  1. To pay the application fee through PayPal, please complete the following form.  Please include the name and date of birth of the student/applicant seeking admission to St. George’s University, who may or may not be the same payer on the PayPal account.Pay Now Using Paypal
  2. To pay by check, please make sure it is in US Dollars and the check is payable to St. George’s University.  Please include the name and date of birth of the student/applicant seeking admission to St. George’s University on the check and mail to:

    Office of Admission
    St. George’s University
    c/o University Support Services, LLC
    The North American Correspondent
    3500 Sunrise Highway, Building 300
    Great River, NY 11739

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If you have any questions about the application or application process, please contact

Toll Free From USA & Canada: 1 800-899-6337 ext 1280
From outside USA & Canada: +1 631-665-8500 ext 1280
Toll Free From United Kingdom: 0800 1699061 ext 1380

Find Your Admission Advisor

Northeast US

Jonathan Cartagena
1 (800) 899-6337
+1 (631)-665-8500 ext. 1226

Western US

Madeline Badami
1 (800) 899-6337
+1 (631)-665-8500 ext. 1362

Southern US

James Brady
1 (800) 899-6337
+1 (631)-665-8500 ext. 1219

Central US

Jennifer Erckert
1 (800) 899-6337
+1 (631)-665-8500 ext. 1407

Middle East,North Africa, West Africa

Ashley Ballesteros
+1 (631)-665-8500 ext. 1435

Europe, Central and South America, Central, East and Southern Africa

Debbie Marando
+1 (631)-665-8500 ext. 1433


Donalyn Modeste
+1 (631)-665-8500 ext. 3209