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Password Management System

To access the Password Management System

Setting Password Responses (Password recovery)

Note: The first time that you access the Password Management site, you will be prompted to setup your recovery challenge questions and answers.

  • Select the five questions that you would like to answer.
  • Enter an answer for each of five security questions.
  • Click Save Responses and confirm that the Successpage displays.

Note: If any of your answers do not meet the minimum-security requirements in length or content, you will be prompted to enter a more secure answer.

Main Menu

Options on Main Menu:

  • Change Password – change your current password.
  • Setup Password Responses – Setup your forgotten password responses.
  • Account Information – Information about your password and password policies.
  • Logout – Logout of the password self-service application.

Forgotten Password Link

Resetting your forgotten password:

  • Click the Forgotten Password link at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your SGUe-mail address.
  • Enter your last name.
  • Click the Search
  • Answer the three security questions that you are presented with.
  • Once completed, click the Check Responses
  • Enter a new password and confirm.
  • You can now log into the system with the new password.

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