Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

With new technological advances it is easy for individuals to inadvertently fall victim to highly sophisticated phishing attacks.  This could give a hacker unauthorized access to our network and information system (Network).  The Office of Information Technology has taken several steps to protect and monitor our Network.   As part of its efforts, the IT Department has established a Multi-Factor Authentication Policy (MFA Policy), which provides a common method of protection for companies like ours, that utilize and store sensitive personal, and financial information.  In order to access company resources and the Network, all individuals will be required to engage in one additional step beyond the normal logon process. Individuals will be required to register a second approved device.  The MFA system will send a message to the device which the individual must use to authenticate.  Upon successful completion of this 2- step authentication process, the individual will be able to access the system.

Microsoft Authenticator is the easiest way to verify your identity through MFA. It is available on the Google Play and Apple App stores. You can download the app ahead of time if you wish.

For further assistance in setting up a device for MFA, contact IT Support Services.