Printing Quota

To eliminate excessive printing and become more environmentally friendly, the University has implemented printing quotas on the printers in the computer labs.

Students will therefore be given credits for free prints during each semester of the academic year. Each student’s free printing quota will be translated into a dollar credit on their account. (For example, 100 x black @ 25 cents + 50 x color @ 50 cents =$50.00 to be used at the student’s discretion.)


Undergraduate Students $25 (50 Black and 25 Color)
Graduate Students $50 (100 Black and 50 Color)
Veterinary Students $125 (250 Black and 125 Color)
Medical Students $125 (250 Black and 125 Color)
Medical Pathology Students $375 (750 Black and 375 Color)


Fall Semester – August 10th to January 7th
Spring Semester – January 8th to May 19th
Summer Semester – May 20th to August 9th


  • Each page sent to the printer will reduce your quota.
  • Once a student exceeds a quota, the negative balance will be charged to the student’s account at the end of each semester.
  • Printing quotas are reset at the beginning of each semester.
  • Unused portions of printing quotas are deleted at the end of each semester, and quotas are reset for the next semester.
  • The quota has no cash value; there are no refunds or transfers for unused quotas.


Why did the University impose a printing quota?

  • To reduce waste and promote environmental responsibility. Great amounts of paper printed in the labs are not claimed by students or is immediately discarded.
  • To more fairly distribute costs for excessive printing to students consuming the most paper and toner.
  • To control the rising costs of paper, toner, and printer maintenance by minimizing excessive printer usage.

Why are the print quotas different for the different schools?

The quotas were set by the Executive Director of the Office of Information Technology based on his knowledge of the operating costs of each school.

How do I find out how much of my print quota I have used?

  • Enter University credentials
  • A verification box will pop up on the screen to confirm the print job.
  • A box will display the number of pages, the cost per page, and the amount that remains in the student’s quota.

What happens when I reach my quota?

You can continue to print as normal. Any charges you incur will be reflected on the January, May, and August billing statements sent to you by the Student Finance Office.

What do I do if my print job is smudged and unusable?

See a Technical Assistant (TA) who can assist with reprinting. Make sure that you show the damaged copy of your print job to the TA.

If I no longer want what is being printed, can I stop a print job before it is completed?

A job can be deleted from the queue after you log into print and before you submit the job. Once you click on submit, the job cannot be stopped. Be sure to verify the number of pages you have sent to the printer before submitting. If for any reason there is a technical problem with a print job, such as a paper jam, inform a TA at the computer lab.

Free reprints will be offered to students under the following circumstances:

  • Paper jam.
  • Illegible printing.
  • Light, faded or poor image quality.
  • Print paid for but not released.
  • Any equipment or system error.

Free reprints will NOT be offered under the following circumstances:

  • Printing to the wrong printer.
  • Printing on the wrong paper size.
  • Not picking up a job from printer.
  • Printing wrong document.
  • Printing with the wrong orientation selected (landscape vs. portrait).
  • Multiple copies of the same document (when only one is desired).
  • Another student uses your account.
  • Print jobs delayed several minutes due to heavy user load.

How can I reduce my printing?

  • E-mail yourself URLs of web sites you are interested in rather than printing them.
  • Use the print preview feature of applications to verify output layout of documents which you are frequently updating. Only print when you are satisfied with the final result.
  • Consider printing PowerPoint slides 3 to 6 to a page. This will also speed up the printing process.
  • If your print job does not print, don’t resend it. There may be many other jobs ahead of yours in the queue or the printer may have run out of paper.
  • When making changes or corrections to a document, reprint only the page that contains the corrections, not the entire document.
  • Submit a job only once. If you keep resending your documents to the printer, multiple copies will be printed later and deducted from your account.

How do I get help if I cannot authenticate?

If you are unable to authenticate when trying to print, chances are, your password may have expired and needs to be changed. Contact the Helpdesk for assistance with unlocking your account, or resetting your password, or submit a IT Support ticket.