Exam Soft – Online Exams

The University is moving towards a digital campus and as such, the School of Medicine (SOM), the School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM), and select courses within the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) administer computer-based exams.

As part of this move, ExamSoft, a software which facilitates computerized assessment is utilized. Owning a compatible notebook computer is therefore a necessity for students. Students must ensure that their computer meets the minimum system requirements.

In the event that a student encounters any technical issues related to exams, he/she should immediately contact  Examination Services at TellExaminationServices@sgu.edu for assistance in resolving the issue. If the issue cannot be immediately resolved, it will be escalated to a technician who will provide hands-on support.

ExamSoft can be found on the University portal, under the “QuickLaunch” section.

For more information please visit the Office of Institutional Advancement exam Training Resources page