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Exam Soft – Online Exams

The University is moving towards a digital campus and as such, the School of Medicine (SOM), the School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM), and select courses within the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) administer computer-based exams.

As part of this move, ExamSoft, a software which facilitates computerized assessment is utilized. Owning a compatible notebook computer is therefore a necessity for students. Students must ensure that their computer meets the minimum system requirements.

In the event that a student encounters hardware failure during the exam, he/she will be re-directed to Examination Services for assistance in resolving the issue. If the issue cannot be immediately resolved, the student may be issued a loaner laptop and escorted to the alternative venue to sit the exam.

Exam Soft can be found on the University portal (Carenage), under the “QuickLaunch Navigation” section.

For more information please visit the Office of Institutional Advancement Community