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Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Office 365?

  • Office 365 offers the best enterprise platform, providing one-stop for your email, calendaring, collaboration, and office application needs.
  • Office 365 offers flexibility and portability, users may choose to access their email using the Outlook desktop client, the Office 365 web interface, or the Outlook mobile app.
  • 50 GB of email storage
  • Up to 150 MB email file size (25 MB per file attachment)
  • By migrating to the Microsoft platform, Office 365 offers better integration with other critical University systems

Will the migration change how I communicate with students?

  • Students, Faculty, and Staff will all now be on the same platform, greatly enhancing communication and collaboration.

Is there a mailbox size limit in Office 365?

  • There is a 50 Gigabyte limit for each mailbox, and a 50 Gigabyte limit for each mailbox archive. Warning notifications will be sent to an email account, as it approaches the size limit.

Does Office 365 have a replacement for Sametime instant messaging?

  • Sametime will be replaced, for faculty and staff, by Skype for Business. Skype for Business offers the same instant messaging capabilities as Sametime; however, it also adds better collaboration tools, such as video-conferencing and screen-sharing.

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