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Questions and Answer Forum for Students, Staff and Faculty members:

What is a clicker used for?
A clicker is an audience response device as small as a credit card. It allows you to participate actively in class lectures. St. George’s University provides you with a clicker so you will be able to provide real-time feedback to your instructor, who in turn can offer you graphical displays of the class’ responses. Thus, you’ll see a good indication of your progress and what you need to review. You should take good care of your clicker and bring it to every class.

What is audience response?
It is a powerful way to connect and communicate during meetings and events. Audience response is a tool used to create interactive presentations. Speakers connect with audiences using simple, intuitive polling software and response devices such as PointSolutions, Response Card RF Clickers. (PointSolutions Technologies Audience Response Systems)

Where can I go to check to see if my clicker is working properly?
You can go to any computer lab where there is a computer set-up with the receiver. Computer labs are opened daily from 8am, The TA on duty will be able to help you check your clicker. The print room is open from 8 am to 10 pm (weekdays) and 10 am to 10 pm (weekends).

What happens if I lose or damage my clicker?
If your clicker is damaged, you must return it to the Textbook Distribution Division in the Purchasing department. Someone will assist you. Also, youc an purchase  a new or used clicker from the Campus bookstore if you misplace or lose your clicker. Go to the Campus Bookstore and purchase a new one for US$40  or used for US$20. If the original clicker is found within a stipulated period, the student will be reimbursed. Returns will be in keeping with the bookstore return policy however, all refunds on clickers will be equivalent to the cost of a used one.

Does your audience response software work with PowerPoint?
Yes. PointSolutions has the ability to work well with Microsoft PowerPoint and can be used with existing presentations.

How many answer choices can you have per question?
Usually, ten answer choices are allowed; however, the number may vary depending on the audience response system you are using.

My clicker has a blank screen, what do I do? 
There isn’t anything wrong with your clicker. Just select your answer choice on your clicker firmly and it will respond.

How do I change my answer?
You should just select your new answer, since PointSolutions only remembers your last answer while the poll is open.

What type of battery does Response Card RF/ LCD RF require?
Each Response Card keypad comes equipped with two 3.0V lithium coin cell batteries model number CR2032. You can purchase batteries from the book store.

 (Turning Technologies ResponseCard RF Student Clicker FAQ)

Where do I find my device ID number?
The device ID number is located on the back of your Response Card clicker under the bar code. Your device ID number will be either a 6 digit alpha-numeric code or a 6 digit numeric code.

I am told that the device ID number should be alpha-numeric on my Response Card, but it is all numbers.
It is possible to have a Response Card ID with numbers only. Be sure you are looking at the number under the barcode on the back of the Response Card clicker. The numbers are hexadecimal. The numbers can only be 0-9 and A-F. For example, your number will not contain the letter O or the letter I.

I’ve registered my Response Card classroom clicker, but it flashes orange, and my responses are not recorded.
The answer would differ depending on the situation. Below are three possible answers:

  1. If your Response Card clicker is on the wrong channel it will flash orange/yellow for 8 seconds. On the 9th second it will turn red. Try changing the channel on the Response Card. Your professor will need to tell you what channel to set the Response Card to, from 01 to 74. (The default channel is 74.) To reset your Response Card to channel 74, Go-7-4-Go and then press number 1 to confirm. When you correctly program the Response Card, the light will turn green
  1. If your lecturer has asked for your Device ID number and put the number into a list, it is possible that your professor has selected to not accept responses from devices not currently on the list. Check with your professor to ensure your device has been included in the list and that the Device ID number is not correctly typed.
  1. If polling is not opened, you will not receive a green light.

Why does the Response Card classroom clicker flash different colors?

  • Green: Confirmation that the RF Receiver has received a response from the Response Card.
  • Orange: The Response Card is sending a signal and waiting for confirmation from the RF Receiver.
  • Red: Response not received by the RF Receiver.
  • Green and Red: In channel-changing mode.

How many people in the audience can use the polling system?
You can have as few as a small board room meeting or into the thousands.

If a student can’t give answers in class, what do I need to do? 
This problem could occur for the following reasons:

  • The response card should be in Presentation Mode.
  • The card should be set to the correct channel.
  • The receiver should be installed and should be on the correct channel.
  • The student should have Sakai access (in other words, be registered for the particular course) in order for the clicker to work.

What do I need to do in order to use PointSolutions in class? 
You should ensure that the software and receiver are installed on the PC in the classroom or lecture hall. If it is not yet installed, send an IT Support request to the Office of Information Technology (located on the ground floor of the East Wing of Founder’s Library) to have the software and receiver installed.

Where can the student/faculty/staff member call for further help?
PointSolutions: https://echo360.com/support/

Customer Service Hours of operation: Monday through Friday (7 AM – 9 PM ET)

Customer Service Line: 1-866-746-3015

Customer Service Email:support@turning.com.

(Turning Technologies ResponseCard RF Student Clicker FAQ)