Research Opportunities for DVM Students

Veterinary Research Investigator (VRI) Core Courses

Currently all students in the DVM program participate in the core Veterinary Research Investigator (VRI) courses starting in Term 1 and extending through Term 4 of the DVM curriculum. This series is designed to introduce student to biomedical research and its impact on all veterinary career tracks. The series takes the students through all aspects of the research process including research ethics, literature retrieval and review, problem identification, hypothesis formulation, proposal writing, data collection and analysis, oral presentation and manuscript preparation.

The Island Veterinary Scholars Program (IVSP)

The Island Veterinary Scholars Program (IVSP), co-sponsored by Merial (2012-2017) and Boehringer Ingelheim (2017-present) was started at SGUSVM in 2012 and has been instrumental in immersing veterinary students in hypothesis-based research during the summer break. With a wide variety of Grenada-related research topics, including vector-borne disease, public health, molecular techniques and invasive species. The faculty mentored IVSP scholars own their research project, from background research on the topic, hypothesis development, performing research, analyzing data and presenting their findings at the sponsored symposium held in the United States. The IVSP encompasses an entire summer program by providing interactive lectures on scientific writing, guest speakers to discuss a variety of veterinary and One Health topics (e.g., IACUC, government-based research and public health implications of research), research-related field trips and laboratory-based workshops to teach a variety of research-related techniques. SGUSVM students have also joined veterinary scholars programs offered by other AVMA-accredited veterinary institutions, including the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and the Nationale Veterinary School of Alfort in France. Poster abstracts, publications and student overviews of the IVSP experience are provided here: View More Details

The Veterinary Student Research Initiative

The Veterinary Student Research Initiative (VSRI) was established in the spring of 2017. This program is designed for students who want more involvement in research with one-on-one faculty mentorship but are not able to take on the time and effort required for an MSc degree. Upon completion of all the requirement these students receive a “distinction in research” on their transcripts. The expectation is that they will actively participate in all aspects of the research process, including lab and field work, presentations and manuscript preparation. This intensive mentorship program is intended to provide motivated students with an in depth research experience in a flexible time frame. Each successful applicant receives research support funded by the SVM research enhancement budget. The program currently has 5 students involved in 4 projects with 2 new projects and 2 more students starting in the Spring of 2018. There are also 6 students who were involved in research at the time the program was created that are seeking retrospective recognition, as they have completed all the necessary requirements. View More Details

Student Research Assistant employment program

Student Research Assistant employment program: This program provides students who are in good academic standing the opportunity for paid work on research projects. The number of students involved in this program ranges from about 10-20 per year, with 18 students employed in 2017. If Student Assistants contribute substantially to the project, they are included on abstracts and manuscripts and may be involved in oral and poster presentations. This employment program is not available to students who are working on research associated with a dual degree or those participating in the VSRI program.

Interested students can contact Dr. Sonia Cheetham at for more information.

Dual Degree programs (DVM/MSc and DVM/MPH)

Dual Degree programs (DVM/MSc and DVM/MPH). There are two routes into our dual degree program. Successful DVM applicants with good academic credentials and an interest in research and/or public health can apply for either the dual MSc or MPH degree prior to starting the DVM. If accepted, these students devote their first term at SGU fulfilling some of the MSc or MPH requirements and then start their DVM curriculum during their second term on campus. Term 1 DVM students are made aware of the dual degree programs during orientation. Both Term 1 and Term 2 DVM students can apply for acceptance into one of the dual degree programs.

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