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St. George’s University Med/Vet Summer Leadership Academy offers the opportunity of a lifetime for high school students (age 15–17) and college students (ages 18+) interested in the field of medicine or veterinary medicine. On a campus that covers the beautiful True Blue peninsula overlooking the Caribbean Sea, this exceptional program has balanced a challenging academic program rooted in SGU's 38 year history with extracurricular activities selected to highlight the culture and innate beauty of Grenada.

Now in its 15th year, both the premedical and preveterinary Summer Leadership Academy offer courses that combine didactic lectures, small-group problem solving sessions, practical lab work in state-of-the art facilities, and hands-on training through simulated and real-life situations. 


College students have the additional benefit of Medical Leadership concepts integrated into the curriculum—a foundation that provides students with an opportunity to gain skills that can help them to stand ahead of their peers in standard medical programs. Drawing upon St. George’s global expertise, CEPH-accredited Public Health program, and medical MBA program, students are introduced to international health care systems, global public health issues, and how the concept of “One Health, One Medicine” affects healthcare delivery throughout the world. Both high school and college student  experience is further enhanced through adventurous and educational off-campus excursions, including snorkeling, hiking and island touring.

Med/Vet Summer Leadership Academy


The high school student program runs for 10 days while the Medical Leadership component of the college student program extends the program for a total of 12 days in Grenada. Qualifying participants will receive college credit through the School of Arts and Sciences from participation in lectures and clinical practicals.

Students are advised to arrive the day before the scheduled start date and depart the day after. Housing will be provided.

The Program Fees include accommodations, transportation on the island, all meals, medical instruction, and field trips. (Airfare and the optional scuba dive expenses are not included.) Attendees are greeted at the airport and transported to campus by a University representative.

12-Day Medical Leadership Summer Leadership Academy for College Students

10-Day Summer Leadership Academy for High School Students


Plan your summer around one of these educational and cultural experiences by sending in your application while space is still available! Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and a completed application with deposit payment is required to reserve your spot.  

Summer Leadership Academy Application


Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on the program or to register, please contact:

James Brady

1 (800) 899-6337
+1 (631)-665-8500 ext. 1219

Danamarie Mangano

1 (800) 899-6337
+1 (631)-665-8500 ext. 1306