Medical Program
Program Outline

Academic Year One: Basic Sciences

Term 1
BPM 500 Basic Principles of Medicine I
  • Foundation to Medicine (6 weeks)
  • Musculoskeletal System(4 weeks)
  • Cardiovascular, Pulmonary and Renal Systems (7 weeks)
17 cr.
Term 2
BPM 501 Basic Principles of Medicine II
  • Endocrinology and Reproduction (3 weeks)
  • Digestion and Metabolism (5 weeks)
  • Neurosciences and Behavioral Sciences (10 weeks)
17 cr.

Academic Year Two: Basic Sciences

Term 3
BEHS 640 Module: Behavioral Sciences and Medicine 6 cr.
Term 4
CLSK 653 Communication Skills and Physical Diagnosis 3 cr.
MICR 670 Microbiology 6 cr.
PATH 640 Pathologic Basis of Clinical Medicine 13 cr.
PATH 693 Medical Nutrition 1 cr.
Term 5
CLSK 655 Introduction to Clinical Medicine 3 cr.
PATH 674 Pathophysiology 12 cr.
PATH 676 Basic Science Foundation for Clinical Reasoning 2 cr.
PHAR 681 Pharmacology 6 cr.

Academic Years Three, Four, and Five

42 Weeks:
Core Rotations
Medicine 12 Weeks
Surgery 12 Weeks
Pediatrics 6 Weeks
Obstetrics/Gynecology 6 Weeks
Psychiatry 6 Weeks
38 Weeks:
Sub-Internships and Electives
Family Medicine 6 Weeks
Medicine Sub-Internship 4 Weeks
Medicine Elective 4 Weeks
Primary Care Elective or Sub-Internship 4 Weeks
Additional Electives 20 Weeks

The Clinical Years consist of five terms for a total of 80 weeks.

This listing does not indicate the sequence of clinical courses. The core rotation schedules are determined by the hospital at the time students are admitted into the clinical program. In general, students complete their core rotations before doing additional requirements and electives. Electives listed above are examples of the many options available. Elective choices and schedules are arranged individually by students, in consultation with the hospital administration.

Hospitals have the option of requiring students to attend an orientation. This orientation can last up to a week and is a non-credit experience. Clinical rotations in the United Kingdom begin in January, July, and October.

Basic Sciences Program Dates

Calendar is subject to change.

*Students in the Keith B. Taylor Global Scholars Program will begin the term a day prior to the date listed.


Selectives are offered to basic sciences students during the first two years of the four-year medical program. The objective is to provide a structured learning experience in diverse clinical and scholarly areas. They give students the opportunity to integrate basic sciences knowledge into clinical areas and may provide a transition into clinical medicine. Selectives are offered by various departments and coordinated through the Office of the Dean of Basic Sciences. There is a cost associated with some of the following selectives.

Updated 8/11/16