Grenada Partnerships

A Demonstrated Commitment to the Island We Call Home

Grenada is our home and its people are at the center of our mission. An active community partner, our University participates in many outreach programs, including fundraisers for local charities, ecological programs, education programs, health fairs, and other activities that benefit our neighbors.

One example is our work with the Grenada Heart Foundation, which has provided care for more than 200 cardiac patients to receive life-saving surgeries. In addition, we have held more than 1,000 clinics in cardiac and ophthalmologic care, among others, treating more than 1,000 patients with alumni and friends of the University, donating time and equipment in excess of $1 million USD.

The University-sponsored Fund for Orphans and Elderly has directly supported services at 14 orphanages and nursing homes in Grenada for decades. And for 34 years, student volunteers have run island-wide health clinics, broadening their services to include animal care by the veterinary medical students in recent years.

In addition to direct community outreach, the University is responsible for putting over $100 million USD annually into the Grenadian economy in the form of salaries, hotel accommodations, housing, recreation, food, construction, goods and services, advertising expenditures, and charitable contributions. The largest private sector employer in Grenada, SGU employs more than 600 Grenadian citizens as faculty, staff, and administrators of the University. The staff, faculty, students, and visitors—all the activities associated with living and doing and buying in Grenada, add to the direct contributions of the University. Furthermore, continuing construction projects addressing necessary University infrastructure and maintenance also bolster the local economy.

Most importantly, St. George’s has created an intellectual academic environment that entices Grenadians who had move abroad to come home and be a part of a thriving academic community. St. George’s has granted over $70 million USD in scholarships to Caribbean students, many of them Grenadian, and they have gone on to study medicine, veterinary medicine, business, public health, nursing, and more.