Cheryl Cox-MacPherson

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Cheryl Cox-MacPherson, PhD

Chair, Bioethics
Course Director for Bioethics and the Professional
Professor of Bioethics

Cheryl Macpherson, PhD is a Professor of Bioethics in the Department of Clinical Skills at St George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada, Senior Research Fellow in the Windward Islands Research and Education Foundation (WINDREF), and an Adjunct faculty in the School of Veterinary Medicine. She has contributed to teaching professionalism and/or research ethics for veterinary students twice annually since the SVM was founded. As a professor in the School of Graduate Studies, she has taught countless students enrolled in the dual SVM/MSc degree program. Her research ethics expertise is evident in her role as Principal Investigator on the NIH-Fogarty-funded Caribbean Research Ethics Education initiative (CREEi) offering a regionally relevant master’s degree curriculum for building research ethics capacity in low and middle-income countries of the Caribbean basin. She serves on the Nuffield Council’s Co-COVID Ethics Working Group (a group of independent scholars who support members of the COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition); is Past President of the Bioethics Society of the English-speaking Caribbean (BSEC); has consulted for PAHO and WHO on ethics of vector-borne diseases; and edited the book Bioethical Insights into Values and Policy: Climate Change and Health (Springer Press, 2016). Her recent publications include Does Health Promotion Harm the Environment? (The New Bioethics, 2020); Energy, Emissions, and Public Health Ethics in the Oxford Handbook of Public Health Ethics (2019), and Research ethics guidelines and moral obligations to developing countries: Capacity‐building and benefits (Bioethics, 2019).