Aadhyaa Shenoy, MD

Aadhyaa Shenoy, MD

Graduation Date: 2023
The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education, Pennsylvania
Internal Medicine

Aadhyaa Shenoy, MD ’23, originally from Mumbai, is an internal medicine resident at The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education in Pennsylvania. Her journey to a career in medicine started as a patient care coordinator prior to entering medical school, which influenced her decision to pursue an internal medicine specialty.

As a recent graduate of St. George’s University (SGU) School of Medicine, Dr. Shenoy shared how her medical education and experiences at the university led to her position today. She also offered advice to prospective and current medical students.

SGU: What was your motivation for pursuing a career in medicine?

Dr. Shenoy: When I worked as a patient care coordinator prior to medical school, I realized there is more to hospitals than just hospitals, doctors, and nurses. I faced social determinants of health in the patient population, such as food insecurity, lack of education, lower socioeconomic status, and lack of patient education. I realized these social determinants had long-term effects on patients’ well-being. I want to be a doctor who is mindful of these factors.

SGU: How did you feel about Grenada as a study destination for the basic sciences?

Dr. Shenoy: Grenada was such a warm and welcoming country to begin my medical school journey. The study halls overlooking the water are the perfect setting for a medical student. I always felt safe on campus and one of my favorite parts were the food stalls where I could grab a quick bite to eat in between classes, small groups, and the gym.

SGU: How did SGU help with your academic achievements and USMLE preparation?

Dr. Shenoy: SGU provided to me test preparation programs for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2, and constantly offered support via tutoring or one-on-one meetings with our basic sciences or clinical advisor if needed.

SGU: How did SGU’s Office of Career Guidance (OCG) help you with the match process?

Dr. Shenoy: I received guidance from day one of match preparation. OCG offered tips for applying to residencies and I applied their guidance to construct my CV and personal statement. OCG also enhanced my understanding of the immigration requirements for non-US students. Overall, my experience was fruitful and informative.

SGU: How did it feel to match and learn all your hard work was worth it?

Dr. Shenoy: I was in New York with my father when I heard the news that I matched. It was surreal and I burst into tears of joy. I was finally living in the moment that I had been working towards for the past 10 years of my life. As an international medical student from outside the US, I was told multiple times how the odds weren’t in my favor, so beating those odds and finally tasting the fruit of my hard work was a feeling I can’t put into words.

“SGU gave me an organized gateway into the US to pursue residency.”


SGU: What are your ultimate career aspirations?

Dr. Shenoy: In a few years I see myself becoming a specialist and pursuing a fellowship. I want to be actively responsible for change in global health. My ideal career would include traveling to underserved countries to provide healthcare wherever necessary.

SGU: What advice would you give to international students who are coming to Grenada for the first time to study at SGU?

Dr. Shenoy: Ask for help if you need it. Show curiosity in everything you do. Call your loved ones in your home country, they supply a sense of connection and reality among the chaos that is medical school. Enjoy your time on the island because you may never live in the Caribbean again. Visit the cocoa plantations, take a boat trip to Carriacou, and be sure to enjoy a day on Grand Anse Beach!

SGU: Why should students from India consider SGU for medical school?

Dr. Shenoy: SGU gave me an organized gateway into the US to pursue residency. While I was studying for medical school exams, SGU emphasized USMLE preparation and provided me with two years of US clinical experience, which is important to secure a residency position. Also, the SGU alumni network is a strong one, and I plan to take full advantage of the opportunities it provides, which I also recommend to any prospective students.

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