Francesco De Salvio, MD

Francesco De Salvio, MD

Graduation Date: 2022
Detroit Medical Anesthesiology Center/Wayne State University

Francesco De Salvio, MD ’22, was born and raised in Rome, Italy. After completing high school, he moved to London where he earned his bachelor’s degree in biomedical science and a master’s degree in forensic medical science. Although he had not yet directly worked in the medical field, he was interested in gaining firsthand experience and decided to volunteer at a pediatric hospital. This experience solidified his desire to pursue medicine.

Dr. De Salvio enrolled at St. George’s University School of Medicine with the goal of acquiring optimal medical knowledge and training necessary to become a competent and compassionate physician. Witnessing the crucial role of anesthesiologists in the operating room during his clinical rotations solidified his desire to become an anesthesiologist.

Learn more about Dr. De Salvio’s journey from medical student to anesthesiology resident at Detroit Medical Anesthesiology Center/Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.

SGU: Describe what it felt like when you heard the news that you matched?  

Dr. De Salvio: When I received the email that I had matched, a range of emotions flooded through me. I felt a sense of relief, having overcome the fear of not being matched. I also felt proud of my efforts, and immensely grateful to those who supported me during challenging times. My parents and family were especially instrumental in helping me remain focused and composed throughout the process.

SGU: What was your experience during the match process? How did the Office of Career Guidance (OCG) help you during that time?

Dr. De Salvio: I remember feeling overwhelmed by the numerous tasks and deadlines of the match application process. However, OCG played a crucial role in positively shaping my application. With their vast experience, I trusted their guidance and assistance, which helped me pursue a competitive specialty like anesthesiology.

SGU: What are your ultimate career aspirations? 

Dr. De Salvio: Although I had been exposed to anesthesiology prior to starting medical school, it was during my third year of clinical rotations that I realized this field was my calling. I was inspired by one of my clinical faculty—his passion for his job and the profound impact of his work on patients influenced me to pursue anesthesiology as my career path.

Driven by my fascination with the complexity of anesthesiology, I applied to this field without a backup specialty. Now that I have matched, I recognize that the real challenge lies ahead. My aim is not only to become a competent anesthesiologist but also a compassionate physician. I acknowledge the crucial role of research in advancing medical knowledge and am eager to contribute to the current body of knowledge in anesthesiology.


“Thanks to SGU’s unwavering support, I was able to realize my dream of becoming a doctor and obtain a degree of the highest caliber. With this invaluable training, I am now energized and excited to contribute my skills and knowledge to society’s betterment.”


SGU: How did you feel about Grenada as a study destination for the basic sciences?

Dr. De Salvio: During all the interviews I had during the Match process, I mentioned that Grenada was a place where my classmates and I were happy but didn’t realize it at the time. After spending three years in London, arriving in Grenada was a stark contrast. However, the adjustment period was short because the university provided all the necessary comforts and services to welcome me and made my life easier. The facilities were new and comfortable, and I lived in the dormitories for two terms.

Even after leaving the island to complete my clinical rotations in the US, I looked back at my time in Grenada with a smile. Moving to a small island can be daunting, but the university offered all the necessary services to facilitate my adjustment.

SGU: Were you involved in any clubs while in Grenada? 

Dr. De Salvio: I joined various clubs during my time on the island, with a special mention to the Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine clubs. The students who led these clubs were passionate about providing hands-on workshops and inviting speakers to share interesting concepts.

SGU: How did SGU help you with your academic achievements and USMLE preparation? 

Dr. De Salvio: In my opinion, the preparation for exams such as the USMLE is a highly challenging and individualized process. The selection of books and resources is crucial and varies from person to person in terms of achieving success in these exams. SGU offered me all the essential tools required to excel in the USMLE Step 1 and 2.

SGU: What is your advice to international students who are considering SGU for medical school?

Dr. De Salvio: For international students contemplating a move to Grenada for the first time, it is understandable to harbor doubts about such a significant step. These apprehensions will dissipate once you arrive in Grenada and begin pursuing your passion for medicine. You will encounter fellow students in similar situations who share your doubts, and they will soon become your closest friends, offering the warmth and camaraderie of a family away from home.

SGU: Any final thoughts about your medical training at SGU?

Dr. De Salvio: The journey to becoming a physician is among the most fulfilling experiences that one can undertake. I firmly hold the conviction that everyone deserves the chance to prove their worth as a physician. Yet often life intervenes and one’s dream of becoming a doctor remains unrealized.

Thanks to SGU’s unwavering support, I was able to realize my dream of becoming a doctor and obtain a degree of the highest caliber. With this invaluable training, I am now energized and excited to contribute my skills and knowledge to society’s betterment. The eagerness and curiosity that first ignited my passion for medicine continues to drive me forward, and I am forever grateful to SGU for providing me with the tools and opportunities I needed to succeed.

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