Guidelines for Abstract Submission

The abstract must be no more than 250 words and formatted as follows:

TITLE: Use bold type.  Do not use abbreviations.

AUTHORS: Begin on a new line two spaces below title.  Use italics.  List initials of first names followed by surnames. Do not use full stops after initials. Insert all degrees you have obtained after your name and the institution in which you obtained the degrees. Degrees, titles and institutional appointments of co-authors should not be listed.  The student who is applying to the competition should underline their name. The order of the authorship should be approved with the principal investigator.

INSTITUTION: Begin on a new line immediately below Authors.  Use italics.  List institute(s) where work originated, city and country.

TEXT: Begin text on a new line 3 lines spaces below and arrange under the following headings:

Objective:   State the main objective/research question//hypothesis of the study.

Design & Methods:  Include information at the start of this section on the ethical approval of the study. Briefly describe the design of the study and how it was conducted, measuring indicating sampling, sample size, procedures, measurements etc.

Results:   Present only the main results (in tabular form if convenient) with an indication of variability (e.g. SD) and precision of comparisons (e.g. 95% confidence intervals) where appropriate.   Promises such as “the results will be discussed” or “other data will be presented” are unacceptable.

Conclusions:   Limit to only those directly supported by the results.