President Emeritus Dr. Richard Olds shares a potential solution to the US physician shortage

In an article published by the American Medical Student Association in The New Physician, Dr. Richard Olds, president emeritus at St. George’s University, provides insight on the physician shortage in the US and shares how international medical graduates, like those from SGU, can help solve it.

In the article, Dr. Olds breaks the problem down by the numbers. He conveys that by 2034, the US population will increase by about 10 percent, with the number of older people rising by 40 percent. Those growing older include doctors, states Dr. Olds. Approximately two in five doctors will reach retirement age by that same year, complicating the shortage even more.

But all is not lost according to Dr. Olds. While US medical schools have low acceptance rates, some at just three percent, international medical schools provide a substantial number of qualified doctors to the US. The number of practicing international medical graduates increased by 18 percent since 2010 according to the American Medical Association. This number is expected to continue to swell and could be the key to solving the physician shortage.



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