SGU School of Arts and Sciences Unveils New House Emblems, Further Unites Student Community

SAS Sports Day 2023

Photo courtesy of SGU’s Student Government Association.

As the world grapples with the enduring effects of the pandemic, students on campuses around the world are figuring out how to re-establish a sense of community amongst their peers and faculty mentors.

At St. George’s University’s School of Arts and Sciences (SAS), this challenge has been met head on with innovation and enthusiasm, culminating in the creation of “Houses” and an annual Sports Day event in 2023 that bridged the gap between students and faculty.

The overwhelming success of the first SAS Sports Day left a lasting impression on the SAS community. With plans for this year’s event set for later in March, SAS students have taken this notion one step further by hosting a House emblem competition to further reignite the spirit of camaraderie during the event.

“Each ‘House’ represents an academic family that supports the wellness of students and fosters the academic, personal, and professional development of its membership,” said Dr. Lucy Clunes, SGU’s dean of students. “From the intricate complexities of computer coding to the timeless principles of evolutionary biology, the students did a wonderful job of visualizing the diversity of disciplines within SAS.”

Introducing the SAS House Emblems

Tasked with designing unique logos representing their respective departments, SAS students were challenged to create a design that encapsulates the meaning behind each House’s name. At the end of the competition, students from each of the six departments voted for their favorite designs.

And the winners are …

  • Python’s House (Blue) – Computers and Technology: Inspired by the dominant coding language in information technology, Python House embodies the innovation and adaptability of modern computing. (Student contributor: Faheem Jasat)
    SAS Python's House emblem
  • Darwin’s House (Green) – Biology, Ecology, and Conservation: Named in honor of Charles Darwin, this House celebrates the principles of evolution and the interconnectedness of all living organisms. (Student contributors: Roydon Gasglow and Sian Mark)
    SAS Darwin's House emblem
  • Diamond’s House (Orange) – Business and Management Studies: Paying homage to Michael Porter’s Diamond Theory of National Advantage, Diamond’s House symbolizes the multifaceted approach to success in the world of business. (Student contributor: Keanna Bourne)
    SAS Diamond's House emblem
  • Weber’s House (Yellow) – Humanities & Social Sciences: Named after Max Weber, a pioneer in modern social science, Weber’s House stands for the exploration of human behavior and societal structures. (Student contributor: Aaliyah Sam)
    SAS Weber's House emblem
  • Nightingale’s House (Maroon) – Nursing and Allied Health Sciences: Inspired by Florence Nightingale, the pioneer of modern nursing, Nightingale’s House represents compassion, care, and dedication to healing. (Student contributor: Joliba Regis)
    SAS NIghtingale's House emblem
  • Vesalius’ House (Red) – Pre-Clinical Sciences: Named after Andrea Vesalius, the father of modern human anatomy, Vesalius House embodies the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the human body. (Student contributors: Jordaine Ramnarine and Hyungbin Park)

SAS Vesalius' House emblem

SAS Sports Day Leaves a Lasting Impression

Last spring, SAS representatives within the Student Government Association (SGA) organized the first SAS Sports Day. Modeled after the School of Medicine’s Olympics, the event invited students and faculty from all SAS departments to engage in friendly competition and share team-building experiences.

“SAS Sports was more than just a series of races and games; it was a platform for students to connect beyond their academic interests,” according to Jillaun Mitchell, SAS SGA president, and a Term 6 student. “From thrilling tug-of-war battles to the nostalgic charm of the lime and spoon race, students from diverse backgrounds came together to celebrate their collective identity as part of the SAS community.”

Added Dr. Clunes: “Beyond the thrill of competition, SAS Sports Day represents a commitment to fostering connections, nurturing talent, and cultivating a sense of belonging within the SAS family.”

The SGA hopes to further enhance its commitment to re-establishing the strong community spirit SAS is known for on the True Blue campus.

“We hope the bonds forged through SAS Sports will endure long after the games have ended, serving as a testament to the resilience and spirit of the SAS community,” Emilee Atkins, SGA executive president.


— Ashley Law, SAS student

Ms. Law is in her final semester within the School of Arts and Sciences Department of Business Management Studies.

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