St. George’s University Establishes Teaching Hospital in Grenada

St. George’s University and the Government of Grenada have signed an agreement which establishes a teaching hospital on the island. The project, which has been in development for some time, speaks to the 35-year relationship the University has with the Government.

“This agreement further cements St. George’s University’s commitment to help in the development of a quality health education program to the Caribbean for students from Commonwealth nations and from around the world,” says Charles R. Modica, St. George’s University Chancellor. “By adding to the elective and intern program already in place and establishing this full teaching program that operated by the University, we are able to provide a quality graduate and post graduate program in Grenada. Our students will be able to perform clinical rotations in Grenada, in addition to the clinical rotations available at many top affiliated hospital and clinical centers in the US and UK. Our students have the opportunity to experience yet one more system of healthcare delivery in a hospital setting while at the same time providing Grenada with an influx of much-needed healthcare practitioners to local healthcare facilities.”

The government too recognizes the significance of this agreement as demonstrated by a statement earlier this year when discussions were being held, Finance Minister Nazim Burke said “…the establishment of a teaching hospital in Grenada would help to raise the standard and quality of healthcare for citizens at home, citizens abroad desirous of returning home to retire, as well as our visitors.”

Undoubtedly, the development of a graduate and post graduate teaching program at the General Hospital is a significant investment by the University and will contribute to an improved standard and quality of healthcare available on the island. The University has, for over 35 years developed ane extensive scholarship program for the educational benefit of citizens of Grenada and other Commonwealth countries. The formation of the clinical teaching program will be of great benefit to the island and the region as well.