37 Aspiring Physicians Inducted into Gold Humanism Honor Society at 2024 Ceremony

Group photo of 2024 GHHS inductees

Thirty-seven St. George’s University School of Medicine students were recently inducted into the prestigious Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS), pledging to put compassionate care and human connection at the center of their careers. This year’s ceremony took place on May 31 in New York City.

Established by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation in 2002, the goal of GHHS is to foster and incorporate humanism in medical education. Over 160 medical schools have a GHHS chapter, awarding thousands of students with honors.

Since the inception of SGU’s chapter of GHHS in 2005, the organization has recognized medical students, resident physicians, and physician educators who demonstrate excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion, and dedication to service. Students inducted into the GHHS are in the top 10 percent of their class and often involved in community service.

“We are here to celebrate your induction into this honor society and to pause and be reminded of some powerful ingredients in the delivery of excellent patient care—namely, compassion and connection with the human spirit,” Dr. Toni Liggins, associate dean of clinical studies and GHHS faculty advisor, said at the ceremony. “We hope to inspire and develop life-long advocates for patient-centered care following graduation from SGU.”

Two graduating chapter members—Sadik Uddin, MD ’24, and Hiranya S, MD ’24 (expected)—were chosen to speak at the ceremony. “Impact of Humanism,” delivered by Dr. Uddin, outlined the chapter’s successes, celebrated the new members, and explained more about the chapters’ projects. Hiranya gave the “Go Forth and Do Good” speech, which underscored the importance of constructive social change through living the values of compassion, empathy, and integrity.

Putting words into action

Each of this year’s inductees will choose one of three ongoing, student-led service projects within the SGU chapter. The goal of project participation is for students to interact with medical education in new ways and to go beyond participation in a one-time service project. The student projects are as follows:

Medical Humanities, team leads Clara Keum and Kendra Butler

This project is a social media initiative meant to encourage reflection and discussion among medical students about mental health, physician burnout, death and grief, stereotyping, and other related issues.

Suicide and Mental Health Awareness, team leads Danielle Lombardo and Priya Atodaria

Those who partake in this project participate in walks, both virtual and in person, that are sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) with the goal of raising awareness and funds for the cause.

Reach Out and Read (ROR), team leads Daniel Grunberg and Cynthia Gutierrez Luna

In contributing to the mission of Reach Out and Read, a national organization, students get involved by reading to children in person, prerecording videos to share, donating books, or fundraising money to buy books. The project focuses on children with limited access to books, many belonging to historically marginalized communities.

Beginning a career of compassion

Dr. Robert Grant, senior associate dean of clinical studies, emphasized that with the privilege of practicing medicine comes the great responsibility to maintain compassion, strong ethics, and empathy. He believes this recognition should be viewed as an introduction to a career where the values of Gold Humanism are at the forefront.

“Induction into the Gold Humanism Honor Society is not merely an honor but validates your commitment to remain as an exemplar of compassionate care and humanism always,” Dr. Grant said. “The continuous bond of trust, respect and communication is the foundation for—and the responsibility we hold dear—as doctors.”


list of the 2024 GHHS inductees


–Juliette Kimmins



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