SVM Students, Staff, and Faculty Honored at Spring Term Awards Ceremonies

SVM students and faculty stand together as a group posing with their awards.

SVM students and faculty celebrate their achievements at the SVM Spring 2024 Term Awards

The St. George’s University (SGU) School of Veterinary Medicine and its honor society, Phi Zeta, celebrated the accomplishments of its students, staff, and faculty in April at two distinguished ceremonies—its Spring 2024 Awards Ceremony and Phi Zeta induction, respectively.

Dr. Tara Paterson, associate dean of Year Four Clinical Training at SGU and chair of the SVM Awards Committee, said, “The SVM community takes pride in recognizing the amazing accomplishments of its students, staff, and faculty. Congratulations to all those honored.”

Thirty-one sets of awards were presented during the SVM Term Awards, which took place on April 19, including the newest awards added this term the Dr. Ravindra Nath Sharma Pathology Excellence Award and the Veterinary Professionalism Award.

Students at the Phi Zeta Induction Ceremony

Students at the Phi Zeta Induction Ceremony

Also of note was the induction of 35 students into the Alpha Delta Chapter of the Society of Phi Zeta April 26. Phi Zeta is the national veterinary honor society created to recognize students for their superior academic achievement, and it is headed by Dr. Melinda J. Wilkerson as interim president and Dr. Sonia Cheetham as interim president and treasurer.

“We at the School of Veterinary Medicine are proud to recognize the success and achievements of our students, faculty, and staff,” said Dr. Neil Olson, dean of the SVM. “It is a true testament to the hard work on the part of the SVM community this term.”



This semester’s awards are as follows:

Outstanding Colleague Awards

Term 1:  Gabriel Cordero Bruno

Term 2: Ashley Humphreys

Term 3: Faith Van Rengen

Term 4: Daphne Harris

Term 5: Brittany Watson

Term 6: Elena Tanakova

Dean Olson’s Award for Academic Excellence

Elena Tanakova

Adrienne Lotton Memorial Award

Lindsay Ferguson

Zoetis Revolution Awards of Excellence

Small Animal Internal Medicine: Nathalie Rodriguez

Small Animal Surgery: Kristi Cerami

Equine Medicine and Surgery: Alyssa Carpenter

Food Animal Medicine and Surgery: Sarah Hendrickson

Scholarship of Service: Lindsay Ferguson

Student Research Award: Stephanie Smick

Dr. Jim Nave Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice

Elena Tanakova

Dechra Awards of Excellence

Small Animal Internal Medicine: Chenoa Hope-Tomlinson

Equine Sports Medicine: Sean MacPherson

SVM Alumni Scholarship Award

Bianca Mower

Giant Paws Giant Hearts Foundation “Hercules” Award

Marissa Peck

Dr. Ravindra Nath Sharma Pathology Excellence Award

Valeria Cheron

AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) Outstanding Senior Award 

Lauren Abrams

The Veterinary Professionalism Award

Matthew Peterson

PAWS Recognition Sixth Term Facilitators

Matthew Peterson, Elena Tanakova, Diego Soler, Erinn Schmidt, Isabel Jurenka, Samantha Birkl, Allison Lott, Nicole Osorio, Sydney Garcia, Bianca Mower, Bradford Holman, Alexandra (Lexi) Lawson, Lindsay Ferguson, Juan Pablo Padriza, and Marissa Peck

SAVMA: Student Chapter of the AVMA

SAVMA Executive Board Extraordinary Service Award: Katherine Smith

Feral Cat Project

Cat-tastic faculty: Dr. Tara Walcot

A-meow-zing member: Mallory Ryan

Veterinary Public Health Committee

Outstanding Member: Lindsay Ferguson

Outstanding Faculty Members: Dr. Wayne Sylvester and Jude Modeste

SGUSVM Large Animal Society

Ace of Initiative Award: Morgan Eckstein

Producer of Excellence: Dr. Nyoni Winchester

WAG: Wellness Aide and Guidance

The Prized Pothound Award: Courtney Duguay

The Diligent Doctor Award: Dr. Ashiq Bhat

AAARF: Angels in Armor Animal Rescue Fund

AAARF’s Armor: Katrina Gong

AAARF’s Angel: Dr. Liza Vasechkina

VAC: Veterinary Anesthesia Club

Anesthesia Excellency Award: Breanna Maramag

Distinguished Veterinary Anesthesia Educator Award: Dr. Nuria Quesada

P&E: Pride and Equality

Excellence in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)—faculty: Dr. Farah Mohammed

Excellence in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)—student: Alexandra Prince

SCACVIM: Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Most Dedicated Member: Elim Yee

SVECCS: Student Chapter of the Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society

Outstanding 6th Termer: Melitsa Loannou

Outstanding Faculty Award: Dr. Elizaveta Vaschekina

SCVMA (Students of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association)

Notorious NAVLE Nerd: Dylan Glasser

Friend of Canadians Faculty Award: Dr. Anne Corrigan

SNP: Spay Neuter Pothound

Staff Pothound Hero Award: Tracy Andrews

Student Pothound Hero Award: Mia Kaminsky

SCACVP: Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists

The MVP (Most Valuable Pathologist): Leslie Escobar

EWS: Exotics & Wildlife Society

Wildlife Warrior Award: Cheyenne Roth

WAVMA: World Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Association

MVP (Most Valuable Porpoise): Juana Argiro

Green Consortium

Ex’SEED’ the Expectation: Marissa Peck

SVM Surgery Club

Faculty Appreciation Award: Tara Paterson

Spotlight Award: Michael Starrett

SGA: Student Government Association

SGU SVM Outstanding Faculty Term 1-3: Dr. Hector Zerpa

SGU SVM Outstanding Faculty Term 4-6: Dr. Firdous Khan

SGA SGU Awards of Excellence Term 1-3: Matthew Charles

George B. Daniel Award: Sydney Garcia

DES Recognition Awards:

Liani Tremor (T6), Kristen Anderson (T5), Anne Manganiello (T4), Michael Starrett (T5), Nicole Gasparian (T5), and Samantha Hild (T4)

SGUSVM Outstanding Staff Awards

Administrative Staff: Ulanda Richards

Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award: Dr. Heidi Janicke

Alpha Delta Chapter of the Society of Phi Zeta

Spring 2024 Inductees

Term 5: Jayme Clarke, Courtney Conway, Elizabeth Fournier, Germaine Germundson, Haley Harraka, Shana Hodosh, Jessica Martin, Julia Moretz, Alexandra Morris, Nicole O’Connor, Samantha Palmer, Brie Pavol, Bianca Perez, Wesleigh Porter, Michael Starrett, Elena Wafford, and Rebekah Wilson

Term 6: Seung Hyun Bong, Trevor Cooke, Courtney Duguay, Molly Jones, Mackenzie Keaney, Tiffany Longo, Cassandra MacLaren, Megan Messick, Elizabeth Owens, Veronica Passannante, Matthew Peterson, Andrew Richterkessing, Hannah Reil, Nicholas Santangelo, Taylor Sforza, Megan Strunk, Emma Wood, and Miller Young

Spring 2024 Phi Zeta Scholarship: Samantha Palmer


–Juliette Kimmins

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