Washington Post: Grad’s Quick Thinking Saves Life of Mother, Newborn Twins

Earlier this month, The Washington Post chronicled what one physician, a 22-year veteran, at Saint Barnabas Medical Center called “the craziest day of [her] career.” That’s when a 40-year-old mother, whose condition quickly worsened due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Upon being told that the patient’s blood pressure and oxygen level were dropping, Fariborz “Bobby” Rezai, director of critical care and medical/surgical intensive care at Saint Barnabas, made the decision to do an emergent C-section on the mother. In a matter of minutes, the babies were delivered, each at just over two pounds. His team’s attention continued on the mother, and in a span of 48 hours, she was “a new person.”

“I’ve been a critical care physician for over 13 years, and I’ve never seen anything like that,” Dr. Rezai told the Post. “Especially with COVID patients, you know when a patient is going to survive or not, and Ebony was not looking like she was going to survive. The decision to do the C-section really saved her life.”