The Office of Dean of Students

From orientation to graduation, the Dean of Students Office (DOS) provides support and guidance in non-academic areas to all students in the University. Helping students achieve academic success and encouraging them to exhibit the highest standards of professionalism in their chosen fields is at the very center of what we do. This is accomplished by enabling students to freely access the services and support mechanisms they need to achieve their professional goals and enhance their personal growth during their tenure at St. George’s University. Academic advice and referrals, individual advancement program advisement, mid-term and end-term progress assessments, and monitoring student progress through the curriculum, and managing the Fitness and Wellness Center are just a few of the services we offer.

All students who have cognitive or non-cognitive concerns are provided with a wide range of support services, and the DOS serves as a student advocate in accessing needed services on- or off-campus. For additional ongoing support, the DOS assigns faculty advisors to matriculated students as part of its Faculty Advisor Program. The advisor becomes personally acquainted with the student’s goals, strengths, and challenges, and serves as a source of support and advice throughout the student’s tenure at the University.

The DOS supports over 60 student organizations that enhance student life by promoting a variety of activities with a range of goals: religious, cultural, professional, political, social, and academic.

Office Location: Bourne Center, Second Floor
Office Hours: 8am–5pm
Phone: (473) 444-4483

Title IX Contact Information:

The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding discrimination prohibited under Title IX against persons in the United States:

Toni Johnson Liggins, M.D.
Associate Dean, Clinical Studies (US)
Title IX Coordinator
Address: 3500 Sunrise Highway, Bldg 300
Great River, NY 11739
Phone: +1 (631)665-8500 x1634