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White Coat Ceremony

Each term, a White Coat Ceremony is held for first-term students in the Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. This ceremony marks entry into the noble profession of medicine or veterinary medicine. Students should dress professionally (as if going to the hospital or a job interview) and bring a shirt, tie, and trousers, or a dress for this occasion.

Please note that in Grenada, the ceremony dates for the January and August classes coincide with Beyond Spice Family Weekend. Families are able to take advantage of all that Family Weekend has to offer without missing the event that marks their students’ entry into the medical or veterinary medical profession. All guests must register for the respective ceremony on the Family Weekend website.

Each of the ceremonies will stream live via SGU’s Facebook page.

Upcoming Schedule
August 2020 School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony:

Check back for more details.

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