Mapping Your Medical School Education Journey [2020 Infographic]


Choosing a college major came naturally — you always knew you were on the path to becoming a doctor. And while you have no doubts about your future career, there are a number of details about medical school that you are looking for answers on.

It’s normal to have questions about what it’s like to attend an MD program:

How long is medical school? When do students take licensing exams? Is there a recommended deadline for residency applications?

Some questions may stem from the fact that every medical school program is a little different. While medical school duration is typically four years, there are exceptions. Programs can also differ in terms of curriculum and grading systems.

To help keep track of all this important information, we created this medical education timeline to put everything in perspective. It can help you focus on major milestones without getting bogged down by specifics.

How long is medical school?

No matter which school you choose to attend, follow this guide to help you plan your journey from medical student to resident physician.

Plan your path

So how long is medical school? The more important question is what all does it entail? This visual guide should help you have a much better understanding of the answer to that question. Bookmark this timeline to help you stay focused on the important milestones you’ll reach along your medical school journey.

Selecting the right school can also help you stay on track. You’ll want to choose one that helps prepare you for these crucial milestones, so be sure to reach out to individual programs. You can prepare for these conversations by reading our article, “8 Questions You Should Be Asking the Medical School Admissions Team.”

Find out if medical school is right for you.

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