5 Tips to Achieve Your Academic Goals in 2024

The start of the new term means new opportunities for students as they take one step closer to the degree—and career of their dreams. However, it takes lots of dedication, hard work, and excellent study strategies in order to earn that medical or veterinary medical degree—and  St. George’s University’s Department of Educational Services (DES) can help.

“DES can support students through several offerings, including individual advising and consultation, individual and group coaching sessions, small group tutorials, group workshops, courses, and other specialized programing for students in all university programs, and at all levels of achievement,” according to Dr. Sara Rabie, chair of DES.

One of the approaches DES uses to help students maximize their performance in their coursework and on licensure exams is through the Learning Strategies Unit (LSU). Donna Walker, the Unit’s director shared a list of strategies below, which are delivered through personalized, one-to-one meetings where specific learning gaps are identified and skills are developed.



With a team of five supportive administrative staff members and 48 full-time faculty from diverse disciplines with specialized expertise, at DES students can rest assured they have a group of dedicated learning strategists committed to helping them achieve their academic goals and excel in their chosen professions.

“Our team of learning strategists work from the LSU curriculum to empower students to master the strategies they need to become self-directed, lifelong learners,” said Ms. Walker. “To find the help they need, students can go to their school-specific site on the Learning Strategies page to find tailored resources just for them.”

Need support? Get in touch with DES! 

Email: des@sgu.edu 

Call: 473-444-5008

– Ray-Donna Peters

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