Caribbean Visionary Scholarship Program: A Decade of Excellence

21st century globalization requires access to 21st century education. To further its commitment to raising the educational bar in the Caribbean as the world shrinks, St. George’s University recently launched the Caribbean Visionary Scholarship Program. This program is designed to allow academically gifted Caribbean students a chance to earn an undergraduate degree in SGU’s School of Arts and Sciences. The University has instituted one hundred (100) scholarships to be awarded over the next ten (10) years, beginning in the Spring 2007 semester.

These full and partial scholarships will help many students with high academic achievement reach their potential at University. The Caribbean Visionary Scholarship has been designed to complement the already existing, need-based Caricom Undergraduate Scholarship Program (CUSP) offered by the University.

Students interested in applying should focus on academic excellence and commitment to their chosen profession. Colin Dowe, Assistant Dean of Enrolment Planning, comments, “The Caribbean Visionary Scholarship is an opportunity for Caricom citizens to transform themselves as they achieve a tertiary education and, in turn, to transform the Caribbean with their future endeavors.”

For more information on the Caribbean Visionary Scholarship, please visit the School of Arts and Sciences Financial Aid section of the University website.

Published on 02/28/2006