Conservation Medicine

Dr. Alonso Aguirre, Executive Director of Conservation Medicine with the Wildlife Trust, will conduct a seminar at St. George’s on Monday, April 5 at 5pm in the Bourne Hall. Dr. Aguirre is one of the founders of Conservation Medicine – an emerging medical discipline that joins the expertise of veterinary medicine and human medicine in the service of ecosystem health. At a time of damaged and collapsing habitats around the world where biodiversity loss now threatens the ecological infrastructure of human populations, conservation medicine offers considerable global relevancy. In the truest medical tradition, this discipline seeks to diagnose the proximate and ultimate causes of health decline at the ecosystem level and to implement corrective policies that will reclaim and safeguard the variety of environments supporting human and animal life. This exciting new medical specialty promises to expand the capabilities of both physicians and veterinarians in addressing increasingly pressing environmental and societal concerns in virtually every part of the world today.

Published on 04/05/2004