Raise the Line podcast: SOM Dean speaks the language of medicine

What does it mean to speak the language of medicine? Dr. Marios Loukas, dean of St. George’s University School of Medicine, spoke with Dr. Rishi Desai about what it means to him on the podcast Raise the Line.

In the episode titled “Speaking the Language of Medicine,” Dr. Loukas provided insight on what he’s learned throughout his career as both a researcher and professor, and specifically by working for SGU, the largest provider of doctors to the US healthcare system. He also shared advice for those beginning their journey into medicine, and why he believes SGU’s approach to medical education has been and will continue to be key in helping to fill the gap of primary care physicians in the US.

As for how Dr. Loukas got to where he is now and why he’s chosen that path, he said: “Medicine, for me, it’s a way of living. You constantly have to be optimistic and love humanity. You need to really love what you do. Medicine is not about the money, the prestige, or the glory. It can be part, I think sometimes, of who we are, but it’s not the reason that 99% of the physicians chose that pathway. I think there is nothing more fulfilling than to ease the pain of a patient, or to see somebody who is sick be healthy again and continue their life and live for many, many years. I think that feeling is powerful and humbling at the same time.”



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