Dr. Emily Iker, School of Medicine ’81, Selected President of the American Society of Lymphology (ASL)

eimly iker president aslDr. Emily Iker-d’Harnoncourt was recently named President of the American Society of Lymphology (ASL), a nationally recognized non-profit organization founded in 1996. In this position, her primary focus will be to educate key members of the healthcare profession on the importance of early diagnosis of lymphatic disorders and to establish uniformed guidelines for treatment, training, information and insurance regulations.

Dr. Iker is well versed in the field of lymphology, specializing in lymphedema – a chronic condition commonly seen in cancer patients, which results in extreme swelling of the limbs.  As Director and Founder of the Lymphedema Center in Santa Monica, CA, Dr. Iker has focused on the diagnosis, management and treatment of lymphatic disorders for over 15 years.  She is certified by Professor A. Leduc, PhD, a world renowned leader in the research and treatment of lymphedema. Dr. Iker is a member of many Lymphological Societies, including ISL and GEL, as well as both Slovak and Czech Lymphological Societies where she was awarded the Honorary Membership of the Lymphological Association of J.E. Purkyne, in 1999.

Dr. Iker is board certified by the American Boards of Holistic Medicine and is a staff member of Santa Monica – UCLA Medical Center.  She is not only the Director of the Lymphedema Center but a patient as well.  “Because I have the experience in lymphology as a hands-on MD for over a decade, and I am very active nationally and internationally as a teacher, lecturer and treating physician, I was selected for the position of President of the ASL.” She continued, “With early diagnosis and the uniformed guidelines for treatment we will see less complicated cases and better care for the lymphedema patients.”

Published on 3/1/08