Fall 2004/Spring 2005 Adjusted Calendar

Revised November 1, 2004

Due to hurricane Ivan and the necessity for relocation of many of the University’s programs, the class schedules have been adjusted for the Fall 04 term and then subsequently for the Spring 05 term. The following calendar reflects the new start and end dates for all terms and programs.

Fall 2004 Term
MD Degree

Spring 05 Term
Start Last Exam

T1: Last Date in NY: December 23
Return to GDA: January 10
Last Exam: January 20

T2: Last Date in NY: December 23
Return to GDA: January 10
Last Exam: January 21

T4: Last Date in FL: December 23
Return to SVG January 10
Last Exam: January 14

DVM Degree

A04 Terms 1-6
Last Exam December 20
Last day US campus December 22
Return to GDA January 10**
End of Term January 21
Fall 2004 Term

T1 Feb 8 June 3

T2: Jan 24 May27

T3M: May 30 July 8

T3: Jan 24 March 4
T4: Mar 7 July 8

T5: Jan 18 Feb 25
T6: Feb 28 May 20

Spring 05 Term

T2-T6: Jan 24 May 20
T1 Feb 8 June 3

**The 3 clinical skills courses not completed at US campuses will be completed between January 10 and the 21st. Students who prefer to complete these courses during their next term should write to the Dean. They will resume classes in January 24, 2005. The animal production course will be completed during the Spring 2005 term.

Trimester ends November 30

All March 7 May 13
(Summer 05)
All June 6 July 29

MSc/Dual N/A

A04 All Terms
Last Exam date: Dec 17 All

T1 (and returning students)
Feb 8 June 3

Feb 8 May 27

Revised, Nov 1, 2004