First Non-U.S. Phi-Zeta Honor Society Chapter Installed At St. George’s University

The US veterinary honor society, Phi-Zeta, installed a new chapter this month at Saint George’s University, the first chapter ever installed outside of the United States. The Charter and Installation Ceremony took place on the evening of Tuesday, March 8, at a dinner held at the Caribbean House on the True Blue campus. Chancellor Charles Modica addressed the esteemed students who earned their place in the new chapter, stating, “You’re the cream of the crop – and it’s a very good crop.” The most outstanding student of the class and therefore an executive member of the chapter was Laura Paasch.

The School of Veterinary Medicine had the honor of having present with them at the Installation Ceremony, two renowned figures, Dr. Ed Smallwood, the International Secretary – Treasurer of the Society of Phi-Zeta, and Dr. Howard Evans, one of the founding members of the Society. Dr. Smallwood explained what is involved in becoming a member school of the society. The charter was then unveiled by Dr. Smallwood and Dr. John McKibben who will be President of the Alpha Delta Chapter.

With the addition of Phi-Zeta, SGU veterinary students are able to be compared directly with students at American veterinary schools. Phi-Zeta confers awards for superior performance, and also outlines specific goals for students to work towards. A high level of performance is required to be inducted into the honor society, and therefore, students will have a set of standards to aspire to while studying at St. George’s. In becoming a member of Phi-Zeta, students are able to support their effort and strive towards excellence following their education at St. George’s. The existence of this new chapter, Alpha Delta Chapter, at St. George’s will provide a great incentive for students entering Saint George’s; they will be recognized by their peers for their hard work and outstanding success.

Students are eligible for induction if they are juniors ranking in the top ten percent of their class, seniors ranking in the top twenty five percent of their class, and as well, induction is available to selective faculty members. Upon applying to Phi-Zeta, students will be chosen who fulfill the required criteria.

Originated in 1925, by New York State Veterinary College at Cornell University, Phi-Zeta is a national veterinary honor society created to recognize students for their superior academic achievement. Phi-Zeta is an abbreviation adapted from the Latin form of the Greek word, PHILOZOI, which means Love of Animals.

The inception of SGU’s chapter of this esteemed National Honor Society deepens the collegial relationships between the members of the SGUSVM community and the larger community of US veterinarians and scholars.

Published on 03/07/2005