Hundreds Benefit from Windward Island Research and Education Foundation (WINDREF)/St. George’s University Relief for Grenada Fund

Thanks to the generosity of many we are pleased to make the following report.

If you wish to make contributions to this continuing effort to help the Grenadian people reclaim their lives, please refer to the mailing and shipping instructions and addresses below.

If you have any questions or problems with logistics for shipments please feel free to contact us.

Over four hundred Grenadian families have been targeted to benefit from the WINDREF/SGU Relief Fund, which was created following the devastation of Grenada by Hurricane Ivan. The Fund, a collaborative effort between St. George’s University and Windward Islands Research and Education Foundation has received almost a half of a million dollars to date which will aid in the rebuilding process in Grenada. Many have sent much needed goods – clothing, medicines, batteries, etc. – to help with the immediate post-storm quality of life concerns.

The donations from SGU alumni, parents, current students, foundations and
institutions and friends of SGU and WINDREF around the world have made
and are continuing to make a visible difference in the lives of the families that have been targeted for assistance. Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has contributed so far.

The Relief Fund is providing assistance in a number of areas.

Rebuilding Our Homes
Three University teams visited and documented the damage in more than two hundred community homes. Building materials have been purchased through the local hardware stores and also directly from Miami, as the latter are free of duty.

The teams prioritized home repair efforts based on extraordinary need and on the homes of skilled personnel such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters, freeing their time to contribute to over-all community recovery.

Many of the initial target groups have already been presented with vouchers to collect building materials from a Grenadian hardware store. The materials include galvanized roofing material, ply wood and rafters. The other eighty percent are expected to receive roofing material over the next two weeks.

Our Hospital Laboratory
The laboratory at the hospital was badly damaged, preventing essential diagnostic services to the people of Grenada. At the request of the Minister of Health, the Hon Ann David Antoine, the laboratory was re-roofed, and new ceiling boards and windows were installed. We also installed an air-conditioner for the proper functioning of the large refrigerators and equipment.

Our Daily Lives
Over the last month and a half, teams of SGU staffers have been going into the community to assist families in making their homes habitable again – helping with the fitting of tarpaulins and, rebuilding damaged internal and external structures, and fixing plumbing and electrical problems. To date the Fund has shipped over 12,000 pounds of goods to Grenada. The shipments contained canned food, clothing for men, women, and children, blankets, towels, medical relief supplies, toiletries and bottled water. These items are being packaged for distribution to a community that the Fund has adopted.

Distributions of food and water

Supplies of canned goods, sugar, rice, flour and bottled water have been
parceled out and distributed to about three hundred families.

SGU DOCS for Grenada

A number of our alumni have spent time in the Grenada Hospital and helped with the island’s medical emergencies under the direction of the hospital’s Medical Director, Dr. Winston Mitchell. Their contributions have been greatly appreciated by everyone. Over the next few weeks more SGU graduate physicians are expected, coming from as far as California. These graduates feel very strongly that they need to give back something to the nation and the people who helped them on their way in life. The outpourings of offers of medical assistance were almost overwhelming.

Veterinary Student Fund

In response to many requests for a fund to help needy, displace veterinary students, WINDREF set up a scholarship fund to help these students. Monies earmarked for this fund have reached over US $35,000.00, over $30,000.00 of which has already been distributed to the neediest veterinary students.

Related Relief Efforts

Clothing and Linens

The NAVI (turning Ivan around) Clothing Store served in excess of two hundred families from Wednesday, 20th October to Tuesday, 16th November. Boxes and bags full of clothing were donated and shipped by the staff of University Support Services, LLC, to their co-workers in Grenada. This clothing was displayed in a “store” on campus, to which individuals were invited to browse and select items from the Ladies & Linen, Shoe, Men’s and Children’s and Teen’s departments. The only currency called for is an SGU ID. SGU staff, families and students can shop for clothes, shoes and linen for their families. This program has been extended to SGU students.

In addition to our relief own efforts we are collaborating with other foundations, such as the Bartholomew J. Lawson Foundation for Children, which has donated $50,000.00 for the repair of local schools. There are many more relief efforts on the island. We are offering our help to any serious relief effort; we can help plan and implement an efficient and effective program on the ground in Grenada. We encourage all those who wish to work in Grenada, or help in some way, to contact us and we will be delighted to help if we are able. There is much to do.

Aid to Grenada via WINDREF and the University

Checks should be made out to: WINDREF/SGU Relief Fund for Grenada. The money will be used to buy goods for either immediate personal help for families and individuals, or for the rebuilding of elementary and secondary schools in Grenada. Various agencies heading up the relief efforts have asked that most donations come in the form of monetary donations. Checks can be sent to:

WINDREF/ SGU Relief Fund for Grenada
c/o University Support Services, LLC
One East Main Street
Bay Shore, NY 11706

Donation of Goods


Please also include: Name, address, and if possible, phone number of donor.

Parcels should be shipped to or dropped off at:

WINDREF/SGU Relief Fund for Grenada
SGU-IVAN, c/o Almighty Services
600 Bayview Avenue,
Inwood, NY 11096
Phone: 516-599-4805, ext. 303

If you have questionable materials, please call: 631-665-8500, ext. 246 or 249.
Please do not send hazardous items such as alcohol, aerosols, or flammable items (matches, lighters etc.)
Requested items include:
• Non-perishable foods
• Basic toiletries, cots, bedding, and blankets
• Emergency shelters, tents, tarpaulins, ropes, duct tape, generators, power tools, chain saws, flashlights, and battery operated radios, as well as all types of batteries
• Communication equipment – two way radios, satellite and GSM/TDMA cell phones
• Water and Chlorine tablets (not in liquid form)
• Animal food
• Emergency First Aid Kits
• Medications: TETANUS toxoid and Human Rabies Vaccine are critical; Antibiotics (IV, oral, and topical), antiseptic creams, lidocaine, analgesics, anti-diarrheal, anti-emetics, vermox, steroids, cardiac, antihypertensive and diabetic medications. A list of specific requests from the hospital is posted on the SGU website.
• Surgical equipment: dressings, undercast padding, tape, OR attire, masks, sutures, gloves
Needles, syringes, IV fluids, IV cannulas, tubing, Heplocks, Sterile Water for injection, sterile water for irrigation

Published on 01/19/2005