India Medical Experience Selective Launched

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St. George’s University Students Embark on Academic and Cultural Adventure

St. George’s University Department of Pathology launched a new selective for qualifying fourth term medical students. Beginning in July, 2010, the two-week India Medical Experience Selective will offer hands-on clinical experience in a state-of-the-art teaching hospital in rural Western India.

The Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University Karad (KIMS) is one of the most regarded medical colleges in India. Set amidst 60 acres of picturesque mountains and valleys, KIMS will provide our medical students exposure to a new health care delivery system and a rich cultural exchange with students from all over India. Its 25 year history of innovative teaching methods, highly technical campus and facilities, experienced faculty, and robust academic curriculum which emphasizes community service and research will compliment and enhance St. George’s University students’ globally focus medical education and skill set.

Students who participate in the India Medical Experience Selective will benefit from first-hand patient experience in a region that has a high incidence of oral and breast cancers. Students will be exposed to patient history taking, physical examination, treatment for outpatient and inpatient practices of medicine including alternative health care delivery, and KIMS community outreach projects designed to educate, prevent, and manage disease.

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India Selective Course Director Dr. Bharti Bhusnurmath

St. George’s University’s Dr. Bharti Bhusnurmath is the Course Director for the Selective, and has high hopes for the clinical experiences to be gained by the students who will be participating. Dr. Bhusnurmath explains, “This (Selective) will put them at a great advantage when they start their formal clinical training in year three in the US or UK because this extensive hands-on experience is less freely available in the western world. SGU students will gain a life-time perspective of the cancers they witness, rather than a one-time image from books or hospitals.” The students participating in the Selective have already finished the pathology course, providing them with a solid foundation in the basis and evolution of the various disease processes and preparing them well for actual patient interaction.

The KIMS was specially chosen not just because of the facilities but because it has faculty and administration committed to helping the poor patients of India, even if they are unable to pay for health care services. This mindset demonstrate a philanthropic attitude towards the art of healing, unlike that displayed in many other commercially run health care facilities. Dr. Bhusnurmath expressed that a large proportion of St. George’s University medical students from Indian extraction would love to return to their roots and gain an additional perspective of India’s health care model.

The KIMS is an 845 bed modern hospital with facilities for critical care, joint replacement, endoscopic surgeries, dialysis and more. Students will have access to all state-of-the-art equipment at the Institute including radio-diagnosis investigations including MRI, CT scans, mammograms, and color Doppler. In addition to the professional experience, St. George’s University students will join medical and dental students from diverse Indian backgrounds as well as students from other countries, working together in a hospital setting and living side by side on campus.