Joseph Lauro Receives 2006 Society of Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) Emergency Medicine Award

St. George’s University Scsool of Medicine is pleased to announce that Joseph Lauro is the recipient of the 2006 Society of Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award. Dr. Lauro, who matched at the EM residency at SUNY Upstate (Syracuse), was a paramedic for FDNY, having responded to the World Trade Center disaster on September, 11, 2001.

“There were several fine candidates for this award and selecting just one was most difficult this year,” said Dr. John F. Madden, Associate Dean of Students (US) at SGU. “But I chose Joe based on his CV and his personal statement.”

“It is rewarding to be chosen for this award” Dr. Lauro said. “It is like a pat on the back for a job well done, which is a very infrequent occurrence in medicine. I have been dedicated to emergency medicine for a while now and I feel that this dedication enabled me to earn the award.” Before Dr. Lauro started his medical studies at SGU in 2002, he was a paramedic for FDNY. He was among the many brave heroes that responded to the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th, treating victims of the disaster.

Dr. Lauro said he had a “wonderful experience” at SGU and in Grenada and that he would “do it all over again” if he could. “It was as much a cultural experience as it was an educational experience,” he said. “Meeting people from so many different places who came together to study medicine was amazing. We all had to adapt to a different way of life in Grenada. It was a far cry from Staten Island.”

Dr. Lauro studied hard and earned good grades at SGU. He matched at his first choice, SUNY Upstate (Syracuse) in Emergency Medicine and is beginning his residency on June 26, 2006. Winning the SAEM award was encouraging for this new doctor as he embarks on the next phase of his medical training.

The award includes a one-year membership in SAEM as well as a certificate and a subscription to the journal Academic Emergency Medicine. St. George’s University is the only non-US medical school that participates annually in the granting of the SAEM award. Each medical school selects one student who has demonstrated excellence in the EM field.

Prior SGU recipients of the award are:

John (Matt) Sasser – 2005
Kevin O’Toole – 2004
Lisa Keough – 2003
Herald Ostovar – 2002
Marc Milano – 2001

“My congratulations to Joe for this award,” said C.V. Rao, Ph.D., Dean of Students at SGU. “He deserves this recognition. He is an example of the many wonderful students we have here at SGU.”

Published on 06/14/2006