Medical Students Kick-off New HS Mentorship Program by Teaching Mentees

On Saturday, January 7, Urban Humanitarian Projects (UHP), a nonprofit organization comprised of St. George’s University medical students, will host a Build-a-PC workshop during which high school students in Greater New York City will be instructed how to assemble a desktop computer from scratch.

The workshop will be held at Park Slope Collegiate High School in Brooklyn, New York. In conjunction with, the workshop’s sponsor, UHP will supply the high school with five high-end computer systems that students can use year round.

“We want each of mentee to develop a deep appreciation for computers because a tech-savvy student in today’s society has a world of resources at their fingertips,” said Santhosh Cherian, Executive Director of UHP. “Mastery of computers and the internet will allow our mentees to find and open new doors for themselves.”

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