Message from the President of the SGA

Fellow SGU Students,

I wanted to address some of the subtleties of our housing and academic situation this term and our reaction to all the unknowns and changes that have confronted us since Hurricane Ivan altered our situation and decreased our options.

Chancellor Modica and the administration have worked grueling hours in a successful attempt to salvage the semester so that the majority of students can finish their terms. Although the conditions of finishing the term are very different from those we are accustomed to and we find ourselves in completely different geographical areas than we had dreamed of a month ago, the administration has performed a miracle and has given approximately 1600 students the option to finish the term.

There have been challenges for all of us and there are some questions that still require solutions. This is the nature of facing the consequences of a natural disaster. Rebuilding requires starting with the foundation, such as securing a foster campus with appropriate facilities, and following with the details. The fact that students are antsy about details at this point is actual a comforting sign that we have reached the end of a long road and are now ready to solve the more complicated but less monumental questions.

I ask for you to understand any administrative delays that you may perceive in this entire process. The students and administration have been working around the clock to make this happen. Under the duress of the clipped time frame for securing the continuation of the term it is understandable that students may not have enough time to prepare for the start of the semester in the most cost-effective and organized way. I understand it is hard to make a choice without adequate information. However, one week from today we will have had the opportunity to take our risks as we see fit and will have experienced this new structure, with open information, for a period of time. The administration has made it clear that they will accept whether or not we choose to continue this term at that point.

The nature of a natural disaster leaves some simple truths that are not ideal. There are certain limits to being a guest instead of a registered student. It is up to all of us to accept these circumstances to the best of our ability and make appropriate choices for ourselves. I. This week has been hard for all of us without luggage, missing books, and with too much uncertain time on our hands. I simply want to share a reminder with you that we are all in this together. These frustrations will largely diminish as we gear up to studying on Tuesday. My sense is that most of us will look back at this time of immense dislocation and change with something like wonder. We might even realize even now that the challenges we are overcoming are making us stronger individuals. We might understand the inestimable value of these experiences in our life education. Please hang in there.


Christina Goette
SGA President

published on September 23, 2004