New Associate Dean of Clinical Studies

Dr Daniel D RicciardiA new Associate Dean of Clinical Studies for St. George’s University was named in the school’s effort to further expand and enhance the excellent clinical program that is already in place.

Dr. Daniel D. Ricciardi was named Associate Dean of Clinical Studies for St. George’s University effective June 1, 2004. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Ricciardi, under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Weitzman, Dean of the School of Medicine, is charged with the operation of the U.S. clinical program in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut).

“My job is to make sure the clinical program is fully functional for each and every student in these hospitals,” Dr. Ricciardi said. “We want to give St. George’s students the full clinical experience from both an academic and a professional point of view and we want to offer every student every opportunity to choose what they need and what they want during their rotations.”

Prior to assuming his new post, Dr. Ricciardi served as Director of Medical Education at Long Island College Hospital. He has been active in the healthcare industry in the New York area for many years, serving on several hospital boards. His experience in the New York City hospital business has amply prepared him for his role as Associate Dean, especially in reviewing new sites for programs.

Dr. Ricciardi hopes to take the clinical program to all five boroughs in New York. “I am looking to expand the program and offer St. George’s students the opportunity to do their rotations in almost any hospital in New York, including in Manhattan,” he said.

Dr. Ricciardi proudly joins the ranks of four other Associate Deans of Clinical Studies – Dr. David L. Brown, Dr. Orazio Giliberti, Dr. John Madden, and Dr. Frances McGill.

A member of the charter class of St. George’s University graduating in 1981, Dr. Riccardi decided to become an SGU trailblazer after seeing an ad in the New York Times in 1976. “I was like Christopher Columbus discovering Grenada and discovering St. George’s – and it was great,” Dr. Ricciardi recalled.

Published on 10/06/2004