Outstanding Achievements Celebrated During SVM Awards Ceremony

The School of Veterinary Medicine hosted its bi-annual SVM Awards Ceremony honoring students, faculty, and staff for their outstanding achievements during the fall term. Twenty-four different sets of awards were presented during the virtual event, to students who demonstrated exceptional academic achievement, professionalism, and work ethic as well as to faculty and staff who demonstrated remarkable service and commitment to veterinary education. 

“It’s such an important aspect of the School of Veterinary Medicine to honor the very special achievements of students, faculty, and staff,” said Dr. Neil Olson, dean of the SVM. “With all of the challenges presented while learning during the current global pandemic, what better way to lift the spirits than to acknowledge the efforts and sacrifices they’ve made to make this program and our students successful.” 

In addition to Dean Olson, Dr. Glen Jacobs, provost of SGU also addressed the online crowd. He shared his heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and expressed his hope to attend the next award ceremony in person. “This is our fourth virtual awards ceremony, but I cannot wait for it to be held face-to-face in Grenada and we can all celebrate together again.” 

The ceremony also recognized 24 new inductees into the Alpha Delta Chapter of the Phi Zeta Honor Society—11 from Term 5, 13 from Term 6, and three faculty members. Seven students were awarded Dean Olson’s Award for Academic Excellence, which is given to Term 3 students with the highest GPA (as of the end of Term 2) and who embody professionalism. 

“It’s such a joy and pleasure to bring everyone together to celebrate excellence amongst our faculty, staff, and students,” said Dr. Anne Marie Corrigan, associate dean of academics, during her closing remarks. “It truly shows the passion and love for what we do on a daily basis in veterinary medicine and that you’ve worked so hard to be successful.” 

SGU Island Veterinary Scholars Program (Boehringer Ingelheim)  

Allison Kearney, Adrian Jones 

Outstanding Colleague Awards 

Term 1: Miller Young 

Term 2: Giana Gigantino 

Term 3: Molly Ginn 

Term 4: Leandra Margolies 

Term 5: Sheriden Nicholes 

Term 6: Brittney Kilgore, Adriana Kalaska, Marc Bremmer 

Dean Olson’s Award for Academic Excellence 

Selina Nackley, Amanda Ernst, Natalie Hollo, Anca Gagliardo, Logan Bernstein, Adrian Jones, Maureen Kruhlak 

Adrienne Lotton Memorial Award 

Brian Greene 

Zoetis Awards

Zoetis Award for Research Excellence: Daniel Fitzpatrick  

Zoetis Revolution Awards of Excellence 

Small Animal Internal Medicine: Gemma Carter 

Small Animal Surgery: Adriana Kalaska 

Equine Medicine and Surgery: Ashley Law 

Food Animal Medicine and Surgery: Tiara Key 

Scholarship of Service Award: Yvonne White 

Student Research Award: Madison Kucinick 

SVM Alumni Scholarship award: Maggie Macpherson 

Giant Paws Giant Hearts Foundation “Hercules” Award  

Matthew Pickens 

PAWS Recognition for Term 6 Facilitators 

Maggie Macpherson, Erika Brewer, Gemma Carter, Marc Bremmer, Priyanka Mehta, Luca Mak, Thomas Conley, Corinne Ross, Jessie Whitfield, Louis Carusillo, Colleen Courtney, Vianca Hernandez 

Veterinary Public Health Committee 

One Health One Medicine Community Leader Award: Ashley Wyman 

Student Organization Awards

The Feral Cat Project  

Most Valuable Trapper: Elizabeth Peck 

Most Valuable Faculty/Staff: Imika Pascal 

SGUSVM Large Animal Society 

Most Valuable LAS Member Award: Bianca Mower 

SVM Wellness Committee 

Wellness MVP Award: Dr. Adria Rodriguez 

AAARF: Angels in Armor Animal Rescue Fund 

Friends of AAARF Awards: Sarah Mikhail, Taryn Williamson  

SCACVIM: Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine 

Internal Medicine MVP Award: Bethany Sakowski 

SVECCS:  Student Chapter of the Emergency and Critical Care Society 

Outstanding Member Award: Sisina Macchiarelli 

Outstanding Clinician Award: Dr. Flavia Restitutti 

SNP: Spay Neuter Pothound  

Pothound Student Hero Award: Lauren Abrams 

Pothound Faculty/Staff Hero Award: Quacy Matthew 

SCACVP: Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists  

The MVP (Most Valuable Pathologist) Award: Taryn Paquet 

EWS: Exotics and Wildlife Society 

Most Valuable Primate Award: Brianna Jacobs 

VBMA: Veterinary Business Management Association 

Impact Award: Gemma Carter 

The Pinckney Parasitology Award 

Letty Bonilla 

DES Recognition Awards 

Brin Cerbone, Kisten Braccili, Cassandra Morales, Angelica Melara, Daniel Ingram, Courtney Kennedy 

Alpha Delta Chapter of the Society of Phi Zeta 

Fall 2021 Inductees 

Term 5 Inductees

Ireny Barsoum, Natasha Brown, Rachel Bryan, Karli Collins, Alex Chang, Karine Comeau, Kayla Duncan, Chloe Eaton, Priscilla Leinberger, Glenna Maur, Lauren Pierce 

 Term 6 Inductees

Sarah Beckner, Remington Campbell, Joelle Chami, Iesha Clouden, Thomas Cronly, Sara Hyman, Jennifer Klapko, Ashley Law, Danica McGuire, Erin Rickey, Alyssa Ungemach, Jessie Whitfield, Bahareh Ziai 

Phi Zeta Specialty Faculty Recognition for Their Work in Promoting Research and Scholarship  

Veterinary faculty: Dr. Stacey Byers, Dr. Satesh Bidaisee 

Honorary faculty: Ms. Elizabeth Peach 

SGU SVM Outstanding Staff Awards 

Technical staff: Keshia John  

Administrative staff: Cindy Edwards  

Hill’s Golden Apple Teaching Award 

Dr. Stacey Byers 




– Ray-Donna Peters 


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