St. George’s Partnership Opens Door for Franklin Pierce Alum to Pursue MD

Craig Weeks is turning his lifelong dream of becoming a doctor into reality through a partnership between his alma mater, Franklin Pierce University, and St. George’s University.

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Since September 2011, Franklin Pierce students have had the opportunity to enroll in a program that enables them to pursue a career in medicine at SGU upon successful completion of their undergraduate premedical program at Franklin Pierce. The agreement is one of nearly 20 international affiliations with undergraduate institutions leading to a pathway to either the SGU School of Medicine or School of Veterinary Medicine.

Mr. Weeks, who obtained his Bachelor of Science in biology from FPU in 2006, was one of the first FPU graduates to continue his medical career at SGU. Now a fourth-year MD student doing his clinical rotations at St. John’s Hospital in Detroit, Mr. Weeks, is a strong advocate for the affiliation, and even delivered a presentation on it to science students at Franklin Pierce last spring. He believes that he has been very well prepared for this phase of his medical education by SGU and FPU.

“Franklin Pierce teaches students to think rather than memorize and regurgitate, and at SGU, you do a lot of self-guided learning,” Mr. Weeks said. “This really prepares you for clinical rotations and your career in medicine. I’ve always been fascinated by science and medicine. The field constantly evolves and advances and there are always new things to learn.”

Coming into SGU, Mr. Weeks optimized his international experience by joining the University’s Keith B. Taylor Global Scholars Program (KBTGSP), in which SGU students spend their first year of the MD program at Northumbria University in the UK.

“It is great to be exposed to so much diversity,” he said. “You learn about communicating with people from different cultures, as well as relevant health care issues in your classmates’ home countries.”