St. George’s University to Award $50,000 to Saint Barnabas Medical Center for its Simulation Center

St. George’s University is awarding a grant of $50,000 to Saint Barnabas Medical Center, in Livingston, NJ, to enhance the Center’s Regional Perinatal Simulation Center.

Opened in 2011, the Regional Perinatal Simulation Center is a learning laboratory designed to replicate various clinical scenarios.  It provides training and practice for    healthcare providers on how to react in rare and critical cases. A state-of-the-art mannequin responds much like a human patient during normal labor and delivery, as well as during obstetrical and other emergencies such as post-partum bleeding and cardiac arrest. The center focuses on improving teamwork and communication while training medical students, residents, nurses, physicians and EMTs.

The Simulation Center is set up like a real hospital room with the mannequin’s vital signs controlled via a computer. The room has cameras recording clinical scenarios as well as a two-way mirror allowing observers to provide immediate feedback on medical procedures that may include blood transfusions, urinary catherization, endotracheal intubation and anesthesia administration.

“We are delighted to provide this grant to an institution that upholds the highest standards of clinical education, “said Fred M. Jacobs, MD, JD, Chair, Department of Medicine and Executive Vice President, St. George’s University School of Medicine. “The training program at Saint Barnabas provides our students with experience under the guidance of excellent faculty using state-of-the-art equipment, and with whom we have had a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

“The Regional Perinatal Simulation Center at Saint Barnabas will augment the quality and breadth of education our medical students have received from its clinical faculty over the years,” added Stephen Weitzman, MD, Dean, St. George’s University School of Medicine.  “By mimicking a wide range of critical care scenarios, the Simulation Center will prepare students to handle the array of cases they may face once they are physicians. Ultimately, this will lead to improved health care for the people of New Jersey since many of our students undergo their postgraduate training at Saint Barnabas and other New Jersey hospitals prior to practicing in New Jersey.”

“The grant from St. George’s will be enormously helpful as we currently are expanding our simulation capacity and curriculum,” said Richard C. Miller, M.D., Medical Director of the Regional Perinatal Simulation Center and Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. “The immense impact the Simulation Center has is not only on novice learners. We can create complex clinical events that challenge even the most experienced physicians, nurses, and community first responders, allowing them to practice rare but critical procedures repeatedly, resulting in improved safety for patients.”

Published on 1/5/16