St. George’s University Dean Sets Course for Translational Research

Dr. Marios Loukas to Head New Journal of Translational Research in Anatomy

marios loukas

Launched in January 2015, The Journal on Translational Research in Anatomy  will focus on anatomic research as it relates to its clinical application and widespread effect in patient care and health system. The publication’s direction and content will be determined by its recently named Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Marios Loukas, Dean of Research and Chair of Anatomical Sciences at St. George’s University School of Medicine.

“With The Journal of Translational Research in Anatomy, we are filling a huge gap, and as Editor-in-Chief, one has the responsibility to push the anatomy field forward, to push it in directions useful for patient care, and to make it better,” Dr. Loukas said. “That’s powerful and it’s a role that I don’t take lightly.”

The Journal on Translational Research in Anatomy launched its website this past fall and will be published four times per year by Elsevier, which produces more than 2,200 journals worldwide, including The Lancet and Cell. Dr. Loukas heads an editorial board comprised of approximately 40 researchers worldwide. The Journal’s topics will be wide-ranging, from neurology and pathology to anatomy and more, and will be comprised of papers written by top researchers around the globe.

“Translational research is the complete story of a problem – it’s about solving a problem from A to Z in context with clinical applications,” Dr. Loukas said. “This journal will provide a different way of thinking about research. For example, instead of just finding out what a protein does, in translational research you find out what it does impact: the patient, the clinician, and the world.”

In addition to his role with the Journal of Translational Research in Anatomy, Dr. Loukas is a reviewer for more than 50 journals. He serves as American Association of Clinical Anatomists Co-Editor of Clinical Anatomy journal and an editor for the European Journal of Anatomy. He sits on the International Advisory Board for Surgical and Radiological Anatomy, and the Editorial Board for Archives of Medical Science.