St. George’s University Hosts Grenada Ministry of Education

St. George’s University, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, recently hosted an eight day summer workshop. Secondary school principals, education officers, and ministry officials were invited to the University’s state of-the-art multi-million dollar True Blue campus for a professional development workshop. The workshop focused on how educators could positively effect student achievement—specifically through learning how to more effectively monitor teacher instruction and creating an environment that is conducive to both teaching and learning.

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Group of secondary school principals and Ministry of Education officials on SGU campus tour

Provost Dr. Allen Pensick contacted the Ministry of Education to see how SGU could help in their mission of improving the performance of Grenadian secondary schools. The 22 secondary schools in Grenada are each headed by a principal who is then assisted by thirteen education officers. It is essential for all of these individuals to have adequate preparation and training to help Grenada manage its development into the 21st century. Principals representing Grenada’s 22 secondary schools, 11 Ministry of Education Officials, and top SGU officials, including Dr. Pensick; Dr. Denis Paul, Vice Provost; Dr. Joanna Rayner, Assistant Dean within the Office of the Provost; and Dr. Andre Havenga, Director of the Department of Educational Services, assembled to identify and define the challenges faced.

Dr. Paul commented: “The University is very supportive of this effort and is glad that the Ministry of Education has chosen to work with us on it.” Likewise, the Ministry of Education officials expressed their delight at the collaboration. Chief Education Officer, Mrs. Pauline Finlay commented, “Having SGU on island is an advantage to Grenada’s education system. The University has proven itself a success to Grenada and to the world and we hope that we can adopt and utilize many of the procedures and processes it has used in producing such high quality doctors and professionals to produce high quality graduates from our secondary schools.”

SGU continues to make major contributions to the development of Grenada through the School of Arts and Sciences and through scholarships designed for Grenadian residents. St. George’s University hopes this workshop will set the stage for further collaboration with government and education agencies in Grenada.

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