St. George’s University Joins Forces with Franklin Pierce University for Combined-Degree Program

St. George’s University is pleased to announce that it has entered into an affiliation agreement with Franklin Pierce University.  This agreement was designed to offer qualified students the opportunity to pursue a career in medicine or veterinary medicine at St. George’s University after completing four years of undergraduate pre-medicine or pre-veterinary medicine studies at Franklin Pierce University.

In the works for a number of years, this new affiliation is the result of the joint desire of both St. George’s University and Franklin Pierce University to see that capable and driven students are granted convenient access to quality medical education.  After numerous visits by SGU administrators to the Franklin Pierce University campus over the last few years to work out details and program structure, the official agreement was passed in September 2011. According to Dr. Paul Kotila, Dean of the College at Rindge, “Franklin Pierce University welcomes an affiliation with St. George’s University that expands student opportunities in the health professions and complements the implementation of a new Health Sciences major and the construction of a new facility to serve this program.”

Under the terms of the agreement, students can begin planning for their future in medicine right after high school.  Applicants admitted to this combined degree program are granted a pathway from their undergraduate degree in biology or health sciences to a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program.  St. George’s University’s Dean of Enrolment Planning Margaret Lambert has high hopes for this new partnership, “This exciting new venture is yet another example of how St. George’s University is dedicated to expanding the opportunities of all prospective medical physicians and veterinarians.”